In 2016…

the scythe was busy, cutting indiscriminately
this one over here, that one over there
those who have punctuated our lives
they go, go
reminding us we’re getting old, old
being requested–still–for ID in clubs and bars means fuck all
when the man whose posters were on my wall
dies too soon and alone
my youth disappearing with him
many of us mourning
bound together by the invisible threads
of our mutual despair
at life passing
our memories dissolving
as even the strongest glue will melt
if left out in the rain
and when the curtain
separating life and death
is it any wonder
I need a sweat-dampened body
moving in time with mine
till I explode like a star
break apart
float away
and thus forget
I—we—can’t outrun death

C-c-c-c-come on — life carries on

*We all have our favourites among all the ones who have fallen this year. George Michael was mine, for many reasons…he also was THE one gay man on this planet I would have taken my chances with…basically (and rather crudely, sorry) I would have liked to f**k the hell out of him. After all, we both got a kick out of public places, I’m sure we could have worked something out for a couple of hours — another fantasy gone*


69 thoughts on “In 2016…

  1. We lost so many great artists this year. It is heartbreaking. Did I ever tell you that many tell me I look like Alan Rickman? I will go to a party and someone (usually a woman) will say “you look like the evil guy from Die Hard”. And no you will not fuck George Michel. I would not permit it even if he were alive

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    1. Is this story made up because I love Alan Rickman? Or is it actually true? Because I can’t really see it myself 😉
      Also, once again Mr M, you are forgetting that Nat is not a sub, hence she would not let anyone give her orders or forbid her from doing…whatever…to whoever 😜


      1. Hmm, maybe I don’t know how to ask nice… 😉 I’m not saying I haven’t seen a smile, but the default is definitely a scowl. 😛

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  2. It’s so true, so many lovely people were taken this year. My big one is Alan Rickman. I just watched him in Die Hard for the hundredth time and I had loved him for so long. It’s the way he moves his mouth when he talks. So sexy. It’s such a shame. 😔

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      1. I’m not signed in to comment on the link but yes, I feel you. I was really sad about him and I don’t usually get upset about celebrities. I loved him for so long.

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      2. Omg! There are a few other people who live around here; we totally need a WP get together!!! It would be so fucking awesome!

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  3. Fantasies never go. That is the definition of a fantasy. They are eternal. 🙂
    Et oui la Camarde a frappé fort cette année. Et elle continuera.
    Je viens de lire un calcul idiot quelque part. Pour 7 milliards d’êtres humains que nous somme aujourd’hui, il y en aurait eu 108 dans toute l’histoire de l’humanité. (crazy bugger who computes that) 108 milliards. 108 milliards de morts. Ça doit vachement se bousculer au Paradis. 🙂

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