Carved on my heart

as you breathed your last this morning
the ink on the page started running
dark rivers on fragile paper
words blurred and disappearing
what does it matter
since they are now carved on my heart
they live on as you soar in the firmament

*For my quiet hero and beautiful soul who has finally found peace*

53 thoughts on “Carved on my heart

    1. Oh Vic, I certainly didn’t want to make anybody else cry. I’m sorry, lovely girl – I’ve been crying so much and now it’s catching. Yes, I’m glad he’s at peace, he was suffering too much. Thank you 💜

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  1. We often write best in the depths of our pain and sorrow. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, though I know you will carry him inside you forever

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  2. Beautiful words from your beautiful soul Nathalie. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Your warm and loving heart will nurture and keep his memory alive. He will always be with you. xo – Lola 🌺

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    1. I love this because my connection with him was based on our ability to feel and love…that and the fact we had known pain (although him much, much more than me) and we were still able somehow to find joy and beauty in life. We had similar hearts. Simple as.

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      1. My sister, the thing about pain is people say it’s all negative but sometimes it can bind us together with someone else in shared understanding and in that moment there is nothing negative at all because it is redemptive and a way through by sharing that feeling. I think you do that with your closest friends certainly I have felt lifted up by our shared experiences, and so the sages got it wrong and you got it right, silly sages, lovely girl

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  3. I’m so sorry for your loss Nathalie. Your words are beautiful and such a lovely ode to your friend. With such a connection and friendship he will always be with you. Always find his way into your words, making them deeper and purer. Be gentle with yourself now. xo

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  4. It is a terrible thing. I’ve seen people go after endless agonies. Others flash out in a blink.
    And since I only go to church for weddings and funerals I tend to go more to the latter theses days.
    So I wonder: better to go in a blink? Without saying good-bye? Probably.
    Je suis vraiment désolé pour toi. Puis-je faire quelque chose? (Pas trop facile à dix mille kms de distance mais on peut toujours essayer) 😉

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    1. Ça je me demande souvent mais dans son cas à lui, le cancer du poumon était très vilain et je pense que c’est une bonne chose que ça n’a pas traîné.
      Merci toujours, il n’y pas grand chose à faire à part continuer à vivre – comme il l’a demandé lui même…”insisté” est le mot, il était formidable.

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      1. J’ai arrêté de fumer en juillet dernier, ça fait déjà un moment (on applaudit, merci😉) et honnêtement ça me manque mais je suis assez fière de moi. J’ai fumé pendant de longues et nombreuses années en essayant d’arrêter à l’occasion mais ne durait jamais plus d’une journée.

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