Just like that


There was no thunder and no lightning strike —

none of that overblown drama

The day was overcast

and when it started to rain,

huge fat drops splattering on the pavement,

you offered a crooked smile

and made space for me under your umbrella

Just like that you stole my heart,

as at that exact precise moment,

I wanted you to

I wanted you too

image credit: yuumei @deviantart

32 thoughts on “Just like that

  1. Manon, you describe so perfectly the absurd no-reason for why two people fall in love. That’s hard to describe as none of us really understand it. That’s why I said earlier that I felt the power of your writing aside the obvious was that you knew how to put description to things that cannot be described. You did it so well here my friend.

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    1. Candice speaks and Manon just basks in the glory of her words. I am seriously considering printing all of it and sticking it to my wall so every time I feel really shit about my writing, I can look at it and think: “you’re fucking amazing, it’s all here” haha

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      1. It is shining girl, it is, but life can beat it out of you where you find that hard to believe and getting thru same is hard enough. I’m such times, hold on to the unbreakable faith others have in you, not in fake or misguided geri worship but the real faith in YOU for who you really are. Nobody gets to ruin that girl♡she’ll always exist even when you feel she’s gone♡ {and as we both know, wine and dancing music help in such violet hours}


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