The snow has finally heard my call and has arrived,

so pretty and dignified and white

Please, please let it settle—I plead to the powers that be—eyes full of wonder worthy of a child

The snow mantles the usually Spartan slopes,

the landscape has been transformed and made bold and beautiful

this heavenly blanket has softened all of the sharp angles

My long-awaited snow! I want to roll in it, let it freeze my extremities

feel the icy flakes melt slowly against my cheek

like the sweetest butterfly kiss
in history

*I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that the snow has finally found its way to me. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I last saw it in this country — too damn long*

57 thoughts on “Ode

      1. It’s possible that I’m too tired but I don’t understand what you’re talking about, lol. Can the penis benefit from sudden changes in temperature? 😛 I have another friend over there who loves snow too- Richard Ankers- you might follow him. I’ll be really happy for him if he gets snow.

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      2. LOL! The extremity thing caught me off guard because I was thinking of something differently shaped…but come to think of it… 😀

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    1. I hope you get some soon, Meg. (Snow! Get your mind out of the gutter 😂)
      I did, actually throw myself into all that lovely snow, face down, and my friend was like: how crazy are you! But I’m going to do it all over again 😈💜

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  1. I’m shivering just looking at it. Snow is pretty..but I come from the Swampy part of the sun…so….yep…nice to look at. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it, Nathalie. And I’m glad it decided to fall for you. ❤

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      1. See, now that’s not right. What a tease! I hope it means it will snow harder next time and for longer. I just love the snow. It is like it whitewashes and cleans the world. I feel free in snow. When I lived in Canada unsurprisingly it snowed a lot and I would walk through it, the only times I ever felt the world was absolutely definitely magical.


      1. It’s totally okay if you don’t get into it or like it, I only watched it because Gillian Anderson was in it, but I actually ended up liking the role of Hannibal the best, he’s totally incredible but it’s not everyone’s cuppa, so either way, good that you try it on for size, but okay if it doesn’t fit xo


  2. I am so disappointed here in Oxford we didn’t get one ‘f’ ing flake, ;( I had my camera ready, I have my blog ready but no flipping snow……btw I love your window photo….. I was gonna take one like that.


    1. Thank you, Alan. For a lovely comment, as ever 🙂
      Well, we didn’t do much better in Sussex, it’s all gone today! Most people I’ve talked to are relieved while I want to cry! (OK, cry is probably too strong a word lol)

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  3. Such a beautiful ode. The last time it snowed in Buenos Aires was almost ten years ago… and it was something “extraordinary” given the mild weather in this part of the country! There is something trascendent when it comes to snow, don´t you think?… as if somehow the universe and all its unknown possibilities were falling down on earth expressed in those snowflakes, inhabited by infinite fractals! 😀
    Sending much love dear Natalie… happy week ahead! 😉

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      1. En plus c’est contagieux. J’avais un client suisse autrefois et sans m’en rendre compte je commençais à ralentir en lui parlant. Un jour il m’a dit: “Ah! vous-fou-tez-pas-d’moi!” “Pardon, pardon, c’est machinal!” 😉

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