Golden Hair

Adam: great writer. I always look forward to his short stories. In fact, when I get a text asking if I could take a look at something because he wants a second opinion, I actually get really excited.
He is the only WP peep I’ve met in “real life” because we used to live in the same city (he’s now moved away, Boo Hiss) and that connection we first had online turned out to be absolutely fucking perfect when we finally met. We had drinks & spent the night talking about *everything* and it was brilliant. As it happens, I produced some good writes-up after our encounters so he’s clearly inspirational too.
Do please read this: I’ve been meaning to feature Adam on my blog for ages 💜


Golden Hair

By Adam Dixon


I’ve been sitting here for hours now. The wall has made my back ache and my backside has gone numb from sitting on the floorboards, but I don’t mind. Not while I can sit here with her head in my lap, stroking her beautiful hair. I would happily sit here all day doing this and I’d barely feel the passage of time. I live for these moments, when I can relax, hold her in my arms and run my hands gently through her gorgeous golden locks. It seems that these moments don’t come frequently enough, but when they do…bliss.

I love my Bev. Beverley Watson, to be precise. Beverley Anne Watson, to be even more so. A name which has fallen out of fashion somewhat, but I can’t think of one any more beautiful. She doesn’t think so, my Bev. She thinks it’s a…

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4 thoughts on “Golden Hair

  1. Nat, you are wonderful ☺ I was so happy to finally meet you last year, and those two evenings we shared were over far too quickly!
    Thank you so much for your ceaseless support and your sharp critiques. You’re a great friend, an excellent wordsmith and my biggest regret about moving away is leaving you behind. But here’s to more memories in the future and more words (and beers!) shared!

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    1. I’m so pleased we did meet. I just wish we hadn’t both been so cautious and waited that long to do so lol
      You’re brilliant, “mate” (😉) and I know I’ll be buying your books some day. I can’t wait for our “reunion” either — same pub, right? We can get thrown out of it again in shock that it’s closing time already and go in search of another place that’s still opened 😉 (without the torrential rain next time I hope!)

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      1. We did let our shyness get in the way, didn’t we? Bloody introverts! -shakes fist- Haha yeah, the time FLEW by! Looking forward to another one, and yes, preferrably without the soggy bottoms! 😂


  2. Trying very hard to be magnanimous…. okay, I will read it as I am not that familiar with his work and he comes with high recommendation. I wish he would have picked brunette or some other color 😉


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