It is one of those trendy places where a green tea will set you back about 7 pounds, presumably because they chant or say prayers over it while it’s brewing. Or something.

The waitress is staring at the lawyer, she obviously likes what she sees. I try not to show my irritation at how blatant she is but when she quickly glances at me, I can tell she’s trying to ascertain whether we’re “together” or not.

It wakes the petty demon inside me. I lean across the table and rake my fingers through his hair.

“What happened to you this morning? Slept through your alarm, did you?”

He looks confused and I can’t blame him, his hair is looking perfectly fine.

However, before I have time to take my hand back, he grabs it and slowly kisses the inside of my wrist. He couldn’t have done better if he’d been a knowing and willing participant in this pathetic mini-play of mine. Now I feel small, and guiltyโ€”while out of the corner of my eye I see the waitress slink awayโ€”she’s definitely enlightened.

My wrist is feeling tingly…and it’s quickly spreading to the rest of me. I have a sudden urge to jump across the table and mount him right there and then.

I guess some of that (or all of it) must show on my face because he says:

“Let’s get out of here.”

“What? But, we just ordered drinks…”

“Fuck the drinks!” he replies.

I barely have time to grab my bag and coat before I’m led away from this ridiculous hipster place. Looks like I won’t get to sample their magical green tea after all. And I don’t feel sorry one bitโ€”there is nothing like a little spontaneity.

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40 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. I used to be a big sucker (I willingly onfess) for eighties ‘fuck flicks’ like Nine and a Half Weeks. In a way this reminded me of those, that’s not a cuss because I really liked them and secretly still do. I don’t even know why. How can a feminist like those? I mean it’s not as if the woman is exactly ‘equal’ but maybe a fantasy doesn’t have to be? Either way … I wasn’t one for 50 Shades of Stupid but the earlier stuff, hell to the yeah. The Secretary is another gem if you haven’t seen it. But the one I really liked was Unfaithful with some French bruiser and Diane Lane. Richard Gere also. Anyway now that i’ve shamed myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ I liked this for the same reasons as I liked (like) those. I think it’s the sexual escapism and fantasy kick and that’s a good thing means the green tea must be working ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Haha this is BRILLIANT! I LOVED Nine and a Half Weeks! I’ve seen it about 30 times! That’s it though, isn’t it? Fantasies are just that and I think most people fantasise about things they wouldn’t really want to see realised. I’ve seen The Secretary as well. I HATE the 50 Shades of Stupid – book, film, it’s all the same crap. I actually was offended when I read it that it was ever published at all. If we forget the pathetic story of a “control freak who’s emotionally retarded” and that we’re “supposed” to lust after (pass the bucket) the fact it was so appallingly written was the ultimate sin for me. I was screaming most of the way through in horror. For real.

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      1. remember how it played in Paris for like TEN YEARS non stop? ha ha ha! I think maybe it was more popular in france than anywhere in the world! what is that? maybe the bitter sweet Pain of love? I agree, I hate 50 shades it’s so lame it’s not even worth me discussing but Story of O is far better and nobody even knows that one these days. ha ha ha! now i have this hilarious pic of you in my head screaming. i’ve seen nine and a half weeks FAR too much – we should write a list of the shameful naff crap we’ve watched though to be fair it was well made and visually beautiful and GREAT soundtrack i’m going to see Brian Ferry just because of THAT SONG in fact ha ha ha! some things don’t change!


  2. I liked a lot of pieces of thisโ€ฆ โ€œrake my fingers through his hairโ€, โ€œkisses the inside of my wristโ€, โ€œMy wrist is feeling tinglyโ€. Your spontaneity was good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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