Hypocrites (warning-naked French ladies walking down a Paris street)

Wit and personality count for nothing in a world which worships skin and sex
without context —
so I’ve stripped and bared everything; do stare and point at my shame, you hypocrites.

Vous l’avez voulu, vous l’avez eu.

*For those who’d never heard of this video, yes it’s genuine. Some say the French do it better… I don’t know about that, but we do do it with an arrogant pride going back to Louis XIV – Le Roi-Soleil*

74 thoughts on “Hypocrites (warning-naked French ladies walking down a Paris street)

      1. Neither me. I read a really good article on that. The exaggerated strangeness of in particular American men’s obsession with large breasts baffles some other cultures – and the idea of a size XXS woman getting double-D boobs baffles their notions of balance. It basically said that it must be some strange body dysmorphia almost. I struggle with the two extremes – the man who is a latent paedophile and likes his women like girls or boys, and the man who like the blow-up doll. Which is worse? I grew up with a man who worshiped at the shrine of dark skinned anorexic women, don’t know how he got that penchant but it was as bad as a woman thinking herself fat, a madness of sorts. Big boobs are fine but personally when I was a dancer I longed to have smaller ones because they get in the way!

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      2. I don’t get the obsession with those enormous silicone bags either. It all came from the US of course and I remember being at this party in London where every woman had fake tits and a reshaped nose and I just stared at them thinking: do you know how identical you all look and not to mention ridiculous?
        I truly don’t get this obsession with plastic surgery and “erasing the self” to fit this weird norm. I do find that talking to men, they usually don’t care that much about the gigantic boobs and the typical Barbie doll as you would think. Some do, of course but not all, less than society would have us believe.

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      3. Me neither they don’t actually look really great but maybe some men think they do? Everyone thinks Kim K is gorgeous I don’t get that either so maybe I’m not the best person to say … I think a person must have personality as well as beauty – I like the imperfect more than the perfect – I really want to see that new film with isabelle huppert I fucking LOVE that woman she’s BAD ASS have you seen it yet? Things to come?
        She doesn’t AGE


      4. I had a friend who had fakes she used to ask everyone to touch them (gross) I did and they felt really weird like a water bed ha ha ha I guess I’d rather those than down at my knees but an A cup not a E cup 😉


      1. I just screamed with rage and Nick ordered me to calm down! I’m
        Taking this too seriously. Identifying too much with a situation where a psychopath/narcissist plays with someone’s mind (even someone so fucking smart) and blames them for their own actions.

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      2. Bloody hell, course you’re not alone! I sat in utter shock for ages after The Red Wedding in GoT – couldn’t process it! But last night I dreamt about Hannibal, I am FASCINATED by the character.
        I do think we’re the kind of people to take those TV shows far too seriously though, don’t you? 😉

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      3. I should have known. WAY back in the day I used to watch Dallas (I know, I know) and when Bobby died and Pam cried I couldn’t go to school the next day because I kept crying .. ha ha ha I’m SUCH A SAD FUCK AND I LOVE IT!


      4. I couldn’t find more than season 1 on Netflix but I downloaded season 2 and started on it last night. I wanted to keep watching so bad but had to be reasonable and stop. Getting back to it tonight.

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      5. K – I know the feeling the OBSESSION THAT TAKES YOU OVER! ha ha ha! I felt that way about soooo many things like … um well I totally crushed on music in that way playing it until it BORED ME TO DEATH feel that way about London Grammar right now and Daughter though Grammar more so.


  1. Ha! Ha! Je suis sûr que le clown orange l’interdirait. J’aime bien la rue Montorgueil, j’ai habité pas loin il y a longtemps. Va falloir que j’y retourne.
    Toute blague et deuxième degré mis à part, je suis fier de mon passeport français. Peu d’endroits au monde laisseraient faire un clip pareil. La Hollande probablement. Bonne semaine. (Et couvre-toi bien. Les journées sont fraîches) 😉

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