Hell hath no fury


Even a psychopath with a god complex can feel hurt

An empath can get attached to a monster

and get confused about where his loyalties truly lie-feel divided, conflicted, almost torn apart by it


And so we have a twisted relationship based on manipulation, deceit and lies

A last supper where the chance for forgiveness is offered
but not taken


A betrayal felt so keenly, Christ and Judas come to mind (as it’s meant to)

but perhaps Brutus and Caesar is more apt

An inevitable blood bath

as hell hath no fury like a psychopath scorned and denied his fantasy of playing happy families

“I let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it.

Pain, anger, sadness, it’s all in his face and this is one teacup smashed to smithereens—nobody will be able to put it back together again.

The monster is gutted emotionally so he guts the empath physically

He murders the gift he’d been keeping as a surprise had the empath chosen him

and walks out into the rain

and while he leaves 4 bodies in his trail

at that moment, it is his pain I feel—I don’t even care who gets to live or die among those he left behind

What does that say about me? A little, or maybe a lot…but I think it says far more about TV
and its possibilities

because when it’s done right, it is art on the highest level.


*This will bore anyone who hasn’t seen Hannibal to tears. I finished season 2 last night and it was actually better than the first as they kind of put aside the “killer of the week” thingy to concentrate on the relationship between Hannibal and Will and the psychology of it. The season finale ended with me in tears, and wrecked emotionally. The macho man I watched it with told me to stop being so dramatic while he frantically paced the room trying to pretend he hadn’t been affected by what he’d just seen. I don’t say these things lightly but this was the best season finale I had ever seen and it beggars belief this show was ever cancelled.Finally, Mads Mikkelsen is THE man*

59 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury

    1. I guarantee you will love it. It’s dark, it’s beautifully shot (visual poetry, I never tire of saying it) the soundtrack, writing and acting are all fantastic and it’s intense and profound—it will stay in your head long after you finish watching (kind of like your writing) I have become rather obsessed because it’s totally my kind of thing. The first season is on Netflix (the second is even better than the first) x

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      1. Well you’ve well and truly sold me on it now! I’ve got Sunday and Monday off from work so I’ll pop on the first season. Did you ever see Manhunter? The one where Brian Cox played Hannibal? I’m sure it has nothing on the poetry of the TV show, but I love that film x

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      2. It’s a strange movie. Intense yet groovy. Horrifying yet dreamlike. I come back to it every so often and am reminded how much I enjoy it. It’s a different beast altogether from Silence of the Lambs. Once I get through the first few episodes I’ll let you know 🙂 x

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    1. Hannibal is for intellectuals and creative people, people interested in art, the dark and the profound. I don’t see what there is to hesitate about unless you’re not one of them.
      You say you like the dark but this sounds frightening?!
      You write about angels chained up and wearing collars (still shuddering at the thought) but this, with its elegance and poetry and intellect is ‘too much’ because it’s accompanied by blood too? I find that comment positively bizarre.

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      1. Stephen is right – Manhunter is also very good – the entire ‘lore’ I guess but as you say, Hannibal is for creative people I am so glad you thought so and saw that too because it was my first belief watching it. Like an opera almost. I was spell bound. And I promise it was not because of Gillian that was ‘another moment’ all together 😉

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      2. I am on season 3 and those episodes are psychedelic movies in their own right.
        I saw this yesterday when they were FINALLY reunited and it was played so well! “If I saw you everyday for ever Will, I would still remember this time”…#Love #Poetry #NatSwoons

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      1. Yup. You get sucked into things just like me. It’s why I’m so picky about what I watch. I’m curious how you’ll like the rest.

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      2. I know you said you couldn’t get into Season 3 so I was a bit worried about starting…but I’ve watched 4 episodes so far and I’m loving it. I think I’m going to be dreaming about Hannibal for weeks because I seem to have developed the biggest crush on a psychopath. Actually, “crush” isn’t fitting – I’ve fallen in love with him! Haha

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      3. Season 3 was hard for me, yeah. I probably watched about 5 before I stopped. But yeah, Mads. Mmm. His mouth is divine. I wonder if I’d like Hannibal so much if Mads wasn’t so dreamy.

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      4. Well, I’m at 4 and I have no intention to stop! I had to because I was going out tonight otherwise I would have carried on. And yeah, exactly! If Mads wasn’t so dreamy (and a brilliant actor) I don’t think I would be feeling so much for Hannibal. In the season 2 finale when he gave Will the chance to forget Jack and everyone and run away now, I wanted Will to just say yes, let’s go now! I so wanted them to run off into the sunset together lol
        It’s the mouth, the cheekbones, his elegance…wow, I’m getting…all…warm…just thinking about it 😋

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      5. So are you going to bed or are you going to sneak in episode 5? 😝
        He is the whole package. His face, the way he moves, the way he talks, his elegance and skill as an actor. Yup. I can see why he’s making you warm. You should share your dreams. 😈😈

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      6. Nah, I’m not watching anymore today, I’m loving it so much I wanna make it last because I’ve already gone through 2 seasons in a week!
        And, er…I almost did write something about my dream about him at the beginning of the week but…it was seriously X-rated…I’m not sure my blog could cope 😂

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      7. Nathalie! You have to! (Or just tell me, lol)
        But yeah, you don’t want to be done too soon. You could watch it again but it’ll never be like the first time. 😉

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      8. Right? I will definitely watch it again in the future but yeah, it won’t be like the first time 😉
        Maybe I’ll write it down just for you then – like a private showing (well, not actual showing but you know what I mean) 😏😈

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      1. I’ve started. Watched 4 episodes of it already and I am indeed loving it!! I’m just worried about going through it too quickly now because it’s so good I wanna make it last!


    1. Did you really? That’s interesting because I can see how it *could* have been over the top but I didn’t think it was. I genuinely thought it was the best season finale I had ever seen.
      I loved (identified with) Will from the first episode, hated Hannibal at first for the torture he was putting him through…then he just grew on me and I’m fascinated by the twisted “love connection” between them too.
      It got to the point where Hannibal took over for me. The look on his face when he realised Will had betrayed him (thanks to his unnatural sense of smell) and that last supper when he offered him a chance to come clean…told him they could leave now and forget about Jack…I may be twisted myself but I wanted Will to just go “yes, let’s do it!” though I knew he wouldn’t (and couldn’t) And yeah, at the end it was Hannibal’s pain at the betrayal that churned my insides…I do think that’s due in large part to Mads Mikkelsen being so exceedingly good with the role. Why else would I cry for a psychopath? Lol

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    1. You should, Rob!! I did the binge watching with it because it’s so good I just couldn’t stop. I did 2 seasons in one week and I’m on the last one now. It’s dark and profound and beautiful and THE best TV show I’ve ever watched 😍

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  1. This show is simply stunning. It’s so cerebral. I, too, was completely invested in Hannibal. But then, I have been ever since I first saw Silence of the Lambs. That movie held so much sway with me that I ended up changing my course of study and getting a MA in Forensic Psychology and Criminology. If you haven’t read the books, you really should. I truly loved the way the show captured more of the nuance that the movies kind of missed. I was disappointed that it didn’t continue on. And Mads is simply incredible.

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    1. It is cerebral and so arty and everything! I fell under its spell, completely! I love your story and am so jealous you got to study Forensic Psychology and Criminology — sounds utterly fascinating!
      (I am absolutely in love with Mads!)

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  2. I tried to watch Hannibal as I am a Mads fan but couldn’t really get into it. (I was surprised). But I watched enough to grasp the interesting relationship between he and Will. This sounds absolutely horrifying but an almost expected result given the two characters. Smiles.

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