80’s playlist

He walks around the room getting ready, picking up his watch, strapping it on with efficient movements. I am lying on the bed flat on my stomach and it is quite something to watch him move, so sure of everything—of his place in the world-when all I do is constantly wonder.

“I’m sorry I have to go, you’ll have to make your own way out.”

“Are you comfortable leaving a woman loose in your mansion?”

He laughs. A lovely unencumbered sound. There really is no doubt in his mind.

This complete trust I don’t deserve makes me bury my face in the pillow. I close my eyes and think I’m not real…nothing is, and the sky will swallow me at some point and I will just cease being and wouldn’t that be wonderful, and peaceful?

I feel his lips pressing on the hollow of my back and he sighs.

“You’re mine” he whispers against my skin.

I bristle at that, though I don’t show it. Those are the words of the vampire. They immediately transport me back to a time when I was fading, when everything about me was being annihilated.

His tone is different and he is nothing like that bloodsucker, but there is a tight feeling in my chest all the same. Pure knowledge does not eradicate raw feelings.

He carries on, oblivious to my inner turmoil.

“Why don’t you stay? Instead of coming home to an empty house, there you’d be filling it with everything that’s missing.”

I don’t bother replying, we’ve had this conversation before. I won’t do anything that resembles commitment and so far he’s tiptoed around the issue, but how long till he gets bored?

And while we’re at it…how long till I stop using the past as an excuse? Do I purposefully wreck anything good in my life because that’s just who I am? Some kind of fraud, ultimately unloveable.

He rescues my face from the pillow and kisses me deeply and tenderly, and sweetly. This act dispels the clouds but the fog is waiting just behind the door, patiently. It knows there will be an opening shortly, there always is.

I watch the effort he makes to pull himself together and leave me—there is real regret etched on his face. Why does he put up with me? It’s a mystery.

He simultaneously makes me feel happy and sad and nostalgic—for something I couldn’t articulate even if my life depended on it—like an 80’s playlist.

49 thoughts on “80’s playlist

  1. You are amazing, lovely girl. As a writer and as a person. I have no doubt that you will get to a place where your heart will tell you what to do and you’ll believe it. Hugs, my friend. ❤❤

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  2. That is beautifully and so originally written. You really seem to have achieved that leap from ‘I want to be a writer’ to ‘I’m a writer’. And you’re not merely a writer – you’re a jolly good one.

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  3. How the FUCK did you come up with that? I LOVE the last line, tying it all together, PERFECT ANALOGY VERY DAMN CLEVER! This describes it exactly right. Your short stories – erotica done RIGHT is how I see them or the ‘nearly’ scenario. Observations. Moments you need to know what happened afterward, hence the burn when they are finished. I wonder if you will ever show the reader what DOES happen? Until then we wait holding our breath. Yeah that’s how it feels. Most fiction falls drab and life less, you’re a vixen of fiction darling girl

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      1. Erotica and the genre is pretty shamelessly bad on the whole which is WHY you should revamp it and make yourself the queen of the erotic movement that isn’t naff/fluff/predictable/tired/unsexy but all the opposite. I think you could do it Manon. What’s your favorite erotic book? I can’t think of many at all … which is a good thing (less competition!) but I suppose I’d say Little Birds by Anais Nin? Or … mmm Story of O although it’s FULL TILT or … um see? Not much out there. THIS IS A GREAT DIRECTION !!!!

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      2. Story of O I guess, though I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact it was the first one that truly got me. You’re right though, there’s not much out there but not confident I’m the one to rectify this shameful lack of “good” erotic literature.

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      3. mmm maybe not but if you feel you could then I’d say try, because writing successfully is as much about meeting a demand and gap in the market as it is inspiration and that’s the truth. Since there is that woeful lack it could be that someone like you could fill it – and I could think of worse things to do 😉


      1. Haha! (The cat is out of the bag!) Glad she’s okay. I’ll personally take “intense” any time over… dull. 😉
        (with appropriate periods of rest from exhaustion!)
        Bonne fin de semaine.

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      2. Tout-à-fait! Voilà pourquoi j’ai dormi une nuit complète pour la première fois depuis plus d’une semaine! Merci infiniment! Et bon Dimanche


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