Higher plane


A love dark and twisted,

based on crossing—fully aware—the gates of Dante’s Hell

plunging in and emerging out of each other’s minds

finding parallels, like in no one else

different, but the same—on a higher plane

finding its equal in the echoes of Giotto frescoes

a few stark and mournful piano notes

conjured up by a virtuoso more than two centuries ago 

mutual admiration coupled with manipulation

adding to a need—greed—burning and consuming

leads to an operatic and Gothic blood fest in lieu of sex

this elitist love is a nightmare painted with sanguine shades

a baroque moon, of its pale light bled

intense as an hypnotic belly dance performed in a pit filled with poisonous snakes

beautiful, pathological, impossible

only death

can reconcile the irreconcilable

*I have now finished the last season of Hannibal. I did the whole binge watching thing with the first 2 seasons but tried to make the third one last because I just didn’t want it to end. I do (really, truly, madly) hope the show gets picked up again, but if it doesn’t, the Season 3 finale was just perfect—just how I would have ended it if I’d been in charge. It was – the word is overused and devalued but it’s the only one fitting here – beautiful. And now, I shall hopefully stop boring everyone with my obsession with the fascinating psychopath and maybe also quit acting like such a fangirl (no chance) *


45 thoughts on “Higher plane

  1. This poem is exquisite! You must really be inspired by this show. 🙂 Now I wish I watched to the end. That huge photo of Mads at the end- mmmm…

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    1. I am inspired by the show, Vic. In so many ways…some of the dreams I’ve had about it have been particularly vivid…and nice 😉
      And yes, I was tempted to just stick a hundred pics of Mad in this post lol but I settled for just one but…mmmmm…so delicious 😍

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  2. The poem is wonderful. I will blow it if I try to gush! But just amazing. And you’ve totally peaked my interest in a show I had pretty much ignored to this point. Your enthusiasm is infectious! 💜 Fangirl fever 🙃

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    1. I love how your enthusiasm mirrors my own, Christoph!
      It is HOT and the chemistry between them two IS unbelievable. The show is SO good on every level but ultimately it is the relationship between Will and Hannibal that sold it to me. I must say Mads is especially incredible because he made it so the “psychopath” tag is not the thing you retain about Hannibal. I mean, you do, but it comes behind his intellect, and his refinement and elegance and everything else. It is quite something that he made such a character sympathetic somehow.
      Because by the middle of Season 2, I wanted Will to run away with him, as impossible as it was (because, Hannibal is someone who likes to kill and eat people after all)
      You know the time when Jack goes and see Will in Season 3 and ask why he phoned Hannibal to warn him and Will just…hesitantly, tentatively replies: “because…because he was my friend…and because…I wanted to run away with him.”
      I mean…wow! Love, incredibly enough considering the circumstances but…love. The writing was great but it is the acting that made us believe in this crazy relationship, they made it real.
      I have not been this affected by a relationship between two men on the screen since Brokeback Mountain, which needless to say broke my heart (one of my fav films). To this day it is one of the most tragic love stories I’ve ever seen on-screen.
      Anyway, I’ve gone all fangirl again, sorry. I could talk about this show for hours 😉
      Thanks for putting up with me and my out of control comments 😘💜

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  3. You are completely obsessed but this is some of your most beautiful writing. Mads is your muse and he has released the passion and lyricism of your heart


  4. HARK did I hear a fan girl scream? A cacophony even? Hell to the YEAH!
    Seriously, being the artist/creative/writer/thinker/cerebal/smarty-pants that you are, PLUS your love of beauty and FINE MEN I just knew you’d love the H.
    Now it’s spoilt all normal life of course …. fuckittyfuck
    Shall we A. Become alcoholics to assuage our pain? Or film directors and make our own beauty?
    In another life I’d do both.
    Meanwhile we wait … hopeful of another fantasy

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    1. Alcoholics definitely because I’m half way there already! Haha
      And film directors…I’d love to have a go at that! I direct enough movies in my own head on a regular basis to qualify as “kinda experienced” 😉
      And yes, it has spoilt all normal life. And I am now hopelessly in love with Mads #FanGirl

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      1. Good grief girl I’m with you because lately I’ve been knocking it back? Full moon? 😉 ha ha!
        I’d love to re-make an erotic film into one that REALLY was because every time I see one I’m like ‘oh no you got that wrong’ in my head. The wrong people have money, this we know. My first degree was a film degree if you can believe … shoulda woulda coulda …. Mads says he misses you deeply also and feels utterly bereft

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      2. How many degrees have you got?? And no I didn’t know that about you but fuck am I impressed! So, we could totally do this! 😉
        Full moon just robs me of my sleep, I can’t possibly blame it for my alcohol intake as well haha
        Tell Mads I will meet him somewhere between the fjords and make it up to him then 😉

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      3. I’m the person who has too many and does nothing of worth with any 😉 (that’s a t-shirt) totally hate academia too ha ha ha naw I don’t have that many really just so useless the ones I did get. Anyway I am stumbling to find a show as addictive as Hannibal and short of watching a little girl of poetry dance to tv (guess who) I can’t think of anything worth my time


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