Nathalie’s fault…

Everybody knows I love Eric’s writing (and Eric himself)
Tonight, he left a comment on my “Plus-one” post that was epic.
It wasn’t a comment—it was a story, it was a fable, it was a
I was blown away by it and when Eric asked if I minded him turning it into a blog post, I told him he’d better or I would have to do it myself since his words were too gorgeous not to be shared.
So, he did and I’m reblogging it. I’m so, SO honoured (and touched) my blurry photograph inspired such beautiful lines. Please read the luscious words of a wonderful man—a knight and a bard rolled into one 😍💜

My Sword and Shield....

So was checking my WordPress feed today…
And I came across Nathalie’s post… Plus One

and after reading Her amazing scene that she had composed about her evening out this weekend…I was inspired, by her beautiful picture.


to compose something of my own. I left it as a comment on her page. But She and I agreed that it would most certainly have a place here so here we go:

She wore a black dress, this combined with the golden brilliance of her hair…made her look like the night sky, in September…A harvest moon hanging over an ocean of stars and all the wonder and silent beauty of fall evenings…where bonfires crackled and sent embers of leaves skyward to the gods..a time when the air around you was crisp and cool and your breath made clouds in the wind…and a prickled blush would flood your you walked in the…

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26 thoughts on “Nathalie’s fault…

  1. Manon, Eric has a good eye, I always knew that, you can tell by his writing and the photos or pictures he chooses. He is a true artist. So when he picks your photo as muse, all I could do was say ‘YEAH!’ because he gets it right and he recognizes true beauty. And you have it. Even if you did not you would still be the wild intelligent cobra of wordage and we’d adore you but the fact that you’re to use the English term ‘a bloody stunna’ to boot, well hell, I guess you have it all girl. I for one don’t love you because you’re gorgeous, that’s just an added benefit, I think I love your mind most of all but I’m fairly sure if anyone saw you wearing THAT dress they might well find themselves falling to their knees and reciting a poem of Erics so he speaks for us all, those of us who love you, in saying, long may you reign, tiny dancer. xo

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    1. Eric is indeed an artist, he totally has the eye and I was completely bowled over by the fact he used me as inspiration (or rather my pic)
      You also have the eye even though you imbue me with qualities I’m not sure I have but I’m not going to argue with you. I just can’t because I like hearing all that stuff even if I want to look over my shoulder to see who you’re really talking to. (Is the queen really saying all this to me? She is? Fuck me!)

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      1. See here’s the thing, like you I doubt myself and my shine, but put it this way, if that many people are saying it and doing it (writing poems about you) kinda sorta musta be true mustn’t it? I mean I know that blows you away (half your charm is that you are not an egocentric despot btw) but it’s time to realize it’s true. I hope that doesn’t change you because you’re right where you need to be. But girl, you are the muse of many and that’s a glorious thing – it’s something in the way she dances 😉


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