The Power Of Love

a thousand hellos full of hope often lead to as many hell no

we ignore the fact hearts can be burnt to ashes

when simple turns into complicated


once in a while a jaded heart escapes the dark

and its scars are soothed by the sweetest of balm

if Love is a fool’s errand,

I am a proud jester

in search of grand gestures,

juggling emotions to the sound of the court’s laughter—

you wouldn’t think hearts made of gold

could be so easily broken—c’est l’ironie de la chose

metaphorical precious metal

both fragile and eternally hopeful—

Love is worth the poisoned hours

Love is unequalled in its power

29 thoughts on “The Power Of Love

  1. it is certainly hard to imagine you as jester, much more likely a queen, who is wise enough to discern the fools from the prince, all of whom will bow before her


  2. I love this. And I so agree with you. Love is worth it. The thing about gold is that it’s malleable. So it might get deformed but it can always be put back to rights by someone with the strength to keep pressing. Beautiful poem, lovely girl. ❤

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      1. Cute??? Lol. The rest of your comment is good but I don’t know about cute. I’ll take lovely and sweet. 😘💋💋

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  3. Love rules my world. Not a god, not a seed pod, not a hate lord, not the most beautiful fjord, can get a word in edgewise. That’s why this poem is so great. 😀


  4. In the words of Neil Young, “I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold.” Truly a rare and precious metal. I dream of love right along beside you as a kindred spirit 🌌💖

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    1. Right? Great song! And no, I don’t think so, there’s been nobody wanting to secretly film me lately (apart from the other week when I attempted to paint a bannister but that’s another story!)


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