This knight follows no Lord
By his side a trusty steed
Wearing an old saddle
Adorned with a single white rose
And a sword
Never drawn
Honour or love dictates
As Proud is his heart
Pure is his soul
Mighty is his power
When he weaves words
To while away the hours
Waiting for the one queen
Of his love worthy
The one he will climb mountains
Fight dragons with iron scales
And red fiery breath
Some don’t believe he’s real
They assume he was borrowed
From some far-fetched fable
Tales told around a fireplace—
In hushed whispers
The language of the dreamers—
A fantasy given life and form
In volutes of ethereal smoke
Giving rise to a humble hero
Make no mistake
He’s no mere story
No figment, no trick
His name is Eric
My modest lines do him no justice
Not legend or myth, the reality is epic

*I wrote this for the lovely Eric @ My Sword and Shield… whose birthday it is today (and since we’re in different time zones, it is now the 13th for me if not for him quite yet) Eric’s birthday comes straight after mine and we are both Pisces, just another thing we have in common. You all already know I love this man, he has the most wonderful heart and his writing is out of this world.
Thank you for being such a special friend, Eric—wishing you a fantastic birthday! 😘💜

Image Credit: It had to be John William Waterhouse whose work I absolutely love

45 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Nathalie,
    It is an absolute honor and a privilege to know you. I appreciate your kindness and affection regarding myself and my work. I can not think of a better way for two poets to exchange a gift on a birthday…as with all poetry, this is a piece of your heart and therefore, invaluable.

    I’m humbled and very thankful.

    Much love, Ladye.


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    1. Thank you, Michael, for this…and everything else. Will reply to comments later, I’m dreadfully late due to birthday celebrations 😜
      I didn’t want you to think I was rude or that I had-gasp-forgotten you😘

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      1. Oh no worries, beautiful😘 I get behind too and my comments can be a bit long😛 Please don’t ever feel compelled to reply. More comments will come with a new post. You can just “like” them and move on☺️😘

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  2. A tribute of epic proportions! Absolutely loved this, it’s got an engaging Round-Table feel to it. “Pure is his soul ,Mighty is his power, When he weaves words, To while away the hours…”, what a fantastic description! Great stuff, as always 🙂 A wonderful birthday message to a friend.

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  3. Amazing! This is such a lovely poem for a lovely man. No wonder Eric is only one letter from epic. You’re a great friend, Nathalie. This is a wonderful birthday gift!

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  4. Well, well, your heart holds a poet, here. Mine holds a musician, there. There’s got to be a song in that somewhere!
    A lovely birthday poem, for Eric.
    Just thinking…. there are no other words between epic and Eric. There is no eqic. 😀

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    1. Thank you! I’m so sorry for the late reply I just saw this comment. WP is awful atm, I don’t get all my notifications so I have to randomly go back to my posts from time to time to check. Ugh. Anyway, thanks again, Eric is so worthy 🙂

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      1. No prob! Yes, WP can be a trickster that way. 🙂 And sure! I had to laugh because I wrote him one on a whim through instagram and then saw yours! Spoiled boy. Haha! But, yes, worthy. ❤


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