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He was wearing a pair of geeky specs, there was a battered book peeking out of his pocket, Baudelaire, no less, Les Fleurs du Mal—in French—a significant detail and the perfect conversation starter…that, and the shared cigarette…so, anyway, in a room full of people, we fucked—with words—we didn’t touch each other, except at the end, when he whispered against my neck…and, well… I don’t have to tell you the rest—I’m pretty sure you can guess.

61 thoughts on “Sex

      1. One does not fully enjoy such a thing without deep analysis and punctuated by brief breaks. The mental and physical exhaustion at the end of such a tome is proof positive that it was properly explored. 😀

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      2. I can read certain chapters over and over again, often entering an idyllic state of being. Yes! Well thumbed, and sometimes the pages bent to keep my place at my favorite places.

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      1. Now I am the big headed one! With my wonky glasses, I would sadly ruin the lyricism of the French language with my unpractised pronunciation. Still it is a good spur on which to reacquaint myself and perhaps one day master the language enough to read the greats.

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      2. Well, you don’t have to read (or talk about them) in French. I love a good discussion about Zola in English too!
        And there’s a certain charm about wonky glasses (there is!)

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      3. I sat on mine years ago and am just too cheap to get them fixed, that money has been wisely spent on books, including the aforementioned Zola, where I have four waiting to be read…I shall endeavour to get to them soon, then I will be knowledgeable enough to impress you!

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  1. “La très chère était nue et connaissant mon coeur, elle n’avait gardé que ses bijoux sonores…”
    j’ai une belle édition des Fleurs du mal (Pièces condamnées), datant de 1947. J’ignorais qu’il y eût une édition préfacée par Sartre. A chercher sur les quais cet été.
    Et quant à ton texte… qu’en quelques mots simples et gallants ces choses-là sont dites.

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  2. C. Baudelaire tra i miei preferiti facevo un programma di musica in radio con degli amici. Era intitolato i fiori del male. Buona Domenica😘


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