“She’s gay and you’re straight, she loves you ‘that way’, you like men, you think you can be friends? Blah blah blah…”

I wonder about those who look, stare intently and yet see nothing. What of them?

Pity and fury require too much energy, disdain demands a little caring.

They think of it as a game of chess, moving pieces on the board,

I want to jump and dance on the dark squares waving my hands in the air

let the pawns do as they will,
be static,

I know only one thing, I am not willing
to sacrifice my queen, won’t have her or me reduced to our sexuality. Is it such a wild thing to believe—imagine—we are much more than tits on a stick?

She is passion, and maybe in another dimension I like pussy and we align perfectly—maybe—gotta throw something to the gossip

She is strength, she is the sun rising in the east, the hopeful flower burgeoning too early in the spring

She writes words on small paper boats and sends them down rivers, whether they float or sink without a trace does not fucking matter

in the slightest, because she dares, and cares

She sees with her eyes closed
much further than most, even them with their night vision goggles

There was no need or craving, but so much room for her

when she appeared

and instantly took a place that was hers, as surely as if her name had been carved there before birth

See, us?
It’s our story: she’s gay, I’m straight and we love each other—
talk about it, analyse it, make it sordid, seedy, do whatever but…deal with it, yeah?

Because, you know? We don’t really give a shit what anybody else thinks.

Sisters last longer than lovers, we’re gonna be laughing together forever.

47 thoughts on “Us

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your friend. I can imagine the two of you on the Waltzer at a fairground, followed by coffee and poetic discourse!

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  2. I love it… why would anyone care about sexual orientation?… I am guessing that “maybe in other dimension digresion is just fair enough to see beyond those details, right?… Each one knows what ones likes 😀 Beautiful post dear Nathalie… Cheers and love across the miles. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, lovely one! Indeed, who cares? And a major point of this was that sexual orientation is such a small part of who we are as a whole.
      Thank you again, for your wise words – love to you too 💜

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  3. I love it when you do your opinion pieces! As far as this one goes, I am in complete agreement.
    The best, though, is it’s so entertaining, and full of life. ♡ ☆ Girl Power!

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  4. I love this post although I struggled with the occasional mixed in Haikus 😉 You write ‘deal with it’… I wonder, was it ever a problem that you’re friends..?


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