This is the story of a man who took a fancy to a vase made of delicate and fragile porcelain

He was asked not to handle it unless he understood how precious it was, how rare—

this wasn’t a job lot out of a rubbish factory, it had been crafted with love & care

Someone else, the man was told, had been thoughtless, even cruel, and had let the vase fall

It had not shattered but some pieces got broken and scattered all over the floor

It had to be put back together—long and tedious work of many hours

But eventually, it was as beautiful as it had ever been

The man listened to this story

Of past abuse and said he was so sorry to hear it

That he wanted the vase very badly

The man made many promises

The man oozed sincerity,

It seemed he could be trusted

And yet, after just a day, the precious vase he dropped and betrayed

And for the sake of a childish boast, he made public this betrayal

The vase, faced with this further disrespect crumbled a little more

Before it got angry-but resourceful-and called on the spirits of wizards and witches of old

Who fixed the vase in a second and turned the traitor man into a toad

Like all stories, there is a moral here of sorts

Very few men are able to appreciate and take care of precious porcelain

No matter what they fucking claim

It is safer to hide all valuables behind locked doors

*This was written a few hours ago (very quickly and it’s as subtle as Trump’s orange hue, I know) on my way to a date. And yes, I was wearing a kickass leather dress, for those of you who appreciate such details*

67 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. First of all: kick-ass shoes!
    Unfortunately many of us have a tendency to tell others what we think they want to hear, without thinking through the consequences of those words. It happens to politicians all the time 😉
    Live, learn, and grow from each experience, which I believe is what this piece is saying 🙂

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  2. First, goddamn! I think I have a thing for leather… 😋 And those shoes are amazing. You look seriously hot!
    Second, you are as beautiful inside as out and I hope you know that! Regardless of previous falling, crumbling, etc, you are pristine. You deserve to be happy. ❤❤

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  3. It’s that kind of clumsy treatment of precious objects that make the rest of us seem like insincere oafs. The man clearly was not worthy of such a prize, and I’m glad to hear the vase is still beautiful, strong and unbroken ☺ Glad to see you’re still on fine form, Nat. I hope your date appreciated that, although those shoes are deadly!

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  4. Really sorry to read this story…such delicate issues. 😔The vase, I must say, is looking magnificent and would look wonderful with a rose💖🌹I just can’t seem to leave without commenting on those shoes😛If you fancied a man, he would have to be very, very careful. Those shoes would definitely leave a mark on the chest and shoulders…if you were so inclined and reclined ☺️🔥😘

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  5. Even without THAT photograph THIS poem kicks ass. With the addition of the photo, well … hard to put into words. I think Jon Snow would say it best, in thick Northern accent imagine… FUCKING HELL TO THE YEAH! You’d make a vegan eat meat girl.
    Seriously though .. you said it here. You SAID it. I feel as if we should all have this imprinted on our wrists and show everyone before we ‘go there’ because the worst part is when you think you have been VERY FUCKING CLEAR and they still STILL don’t get it because people pretend to be something else, anything else, to fit in with the idea they have of someone you would want and that means they are a LIAR and the only way forward is to be honest – EVEN IF IT HURTS. I think your truth shines oh, and maybe the spikes on your shoes 😉


  6. Gorgeous writing and amazing outfit. Leather can make you feel powerful and confident.
    I’m a sissy crossdresser who feels like it is a privilege to wear Women’s clothing and i wish all Women can find Real Men (not a gurl like me of course) unlike the ones in your tale.


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