Your face is hovering on the edge of my day, steadily driving out all coherent thoughts from my brain.
Night descends and you become a distant galaxy stretched across the sky, pulling me in with the intensity and insanity of a forest fire devouring everything in its path without regard for maps and lines drawn by man.
The dark swallows me whole, no pinpricks of light in the tight fabric of life, just this ferocious lust, the torture of my flesh moving, undulating under your faraway hands, I try but fail to catch my breath as you touch me, and I ignite like dry kindling despite the rivulets running down my legs. I can’t breathe and yet my fingers rake through your hair and my nails engrave deranged poems on your skin, you move inside me, stealthily at first, just as I like it, before gaining strength and speed and I scream into empty space, my throat raw, the primal sounds getting lost in the caves of the Stone Age.
All of this, a wild fantasy we’ve built, one which has coloured too many days not to become reality.
As Spring begins-how fitting- real sex and nothing else, because you and I have the same flames running through our veins and once I’ve tasted every bit of you, and not before then, the world can exercise its privilege to fucking go to hell.


103 thoughts on “Fantasy

      1. Ha! As long as it brings you joy, Nathalie! I’m happy to be on your poetic speed dial. It always brings a flush to my cheeks and a swelling to my heart to know that. 😊

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      1. I knew that’s where your mind was going, Rob. Lol. This bit of writing has absolutely nothing to do with me. I just reassured her that it was worthy of posting!

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      1. Oh no…. I think your brain was working just fine, Nat! Lust and heat can be either totally inspiring or leave you pointing and grunting, lol! Your day must have been off the chart!

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  1. Damn…a cold shower is in order after reading that! 😅
    I love the frantic pace as the words hurtle off the screen at us. Captures the unapologetic need that comes with lust. Brilliant! 😄

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      1. You’re welcome! 😊 Glad you like it, that’s how it felt to me!
        Hey, some people are wired to love it (e.g. weirdos like you) & others are wired to want to burst their eardrums as an alternative (e.g. swine like me!). Scientific fact, that.

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  2. You are so deeply talented that I am often in awe of your writing, but more than that, you are just simply smoking hot.


  3. Life, maps, oceans–all shifting and fleeting–our journey is all too brief. The power of what you express may very well be height of divine ecstasy. A feeling that is infinite but one we can only capture in lightning-like flashes. These moments are worthy of artistic mementos sketched in our skin and soul before we join the heavens as stardust. Take your full measure and release your primal scream. The echoes of that release will live on infinitely. Take it, grab, clutch and scream! Get it all out and set the heavens on fire!🔥 🌌💖

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    1. How true, Michael. We should all grab these little (momentous) moments when we can. Life is all too short, I want to explode over and over again before I join the stars in the firmament. What a gorgeous sentence: “the echoes of that release will live on infinitely” — I love that. I believe that.

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      1. Love this reply, Nathalie. You do have a way with words, and the visual of your epic release is stirring some volcanic rumblings here… If you listen closely tonight, you may hear the echoes 🌋🌌


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