You are finally mine,

the tip of my tongue traces the fine lines in the corner of your eyes

you grab my face, pulling me closer,

you pulse inside me while white flashes make the room fade in and out

as waves of pleasure roll through me like the sea surging forward,


holding perfectly still for an exquisite second

and withdrawing

before starting all over again, repeating its infinite journey

Yes, the beast has been released, clawing and biting,

rendered mad by the prolonged waiting –

it won’t be satiated until we fall on the field exhausted –

and then it will be said that lust has claimed its casualties.

59 thoughts on “Casualties

      1. haha! YES! As a matter of fact, I was reading some of your earlier posts today. Going over each word and each syllable (not to mention the photos) in great detail. πŸ˜€

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      1. Ya, I was thinking that when I wrote sombre, I thought…hang on…Candice owns that sombre shade BUT it’s a beautiful dark shade with streaks of light running through it. Without you, everything would just be sombre – blah! Fucking depressing is what it would be.
        Did it really? Ha! Let’s all fly under the colour purple! Haha

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      2. ha ha ha I think truly I am not most people’s cup of tea and I am beginning to be okay with a lack of worldwide adoration (see that huge tongue in my cheek?) after all we can only be ourselves. It helps that you are universally beautiful of course little minx, but even if you were not, I suspect the world would still adore you. Definitely my flag of choice!

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      3. Believe it or not, *I* am not most people’s cup of tea and I’m happy about it. People who are universally liked are…blah! (You’ve made me use this for the second time today – a record)
        I polarise people and I don’t give a flying fuck because as you said, you can only be you.

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      4. Yeah RIGHT! More like you saw it was a bunch of shit to begin with. I did try, maybe didn’t even know how hard I was trying. I was a popular girl, if I had grown up in the USA I might have been a cheerleader and all that nauseating shit, and then somewhere along the time line I woke up and it was over, night and day, next thing I knew, I was getting letters sent home for not attending school, I’d gone into the darkness, I can’t say I regretted it, I always found the rest to be plastic and artifice. Then again I have regrets about how dumb I was trying to fit in. There is no fitting in if you are not of that ilk. I’m glad you spared yourself the humiliation.


      5. Oh Candice! If I’d known you back then, I would have taken your hand and lead you my way! The cheerleading thing…*wants to vomit* but don’t beat yourself up about it – I think what it comes down to is that I was…proud. I grew up in *that* family but deep inside I refused to believe there was anything wrong with me and that actually, I might even be pretty kickass. It’s pathetic really – it’s the usual mix of insecurities and ridiculous confidence.


      6. It’s not just women I’ve had problems with, men too! I speak my mind too often, I don’t know how to fake it at all, probably because I hate faking it! I just really, REALLY dislike fake and I have to attack it every time I see it – I’m really a nightmare!

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      7. I’ve mostly had issues with women, I would say they’re jealous but I can’t imagine anyone being jealous so maybe just bitchy. Men not so much although a few are controlling or imperious, I find a nasty woman beats a nasty man most times unless we’re talking physically then I will take her out! I hate fake. I did used to be the queen of faking but it was only because I couldn’t admit how sad I was. You’re not a nightmare AT ALL don’t go there, go in the other direction, the direction where we love you for being that way! That’s the truth!


      8. Yeah, women are the worse when they decide they don’t like you. I’ve always said it and I don’t understand it. Like, I was reading that book, female chauvinist pigs (the one I told you about) and it’s just incredible how ready women are to despise other women. Un fucking believable

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    1. You did. I needed you to give me the green light because every time I write something like this, I am like “your brain wasn’t fully engaged when your wrote it so keep it hidden” πŸ˜‚

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      1. It makes sense to me, you lush! I want some cider!! (actually I don’t like it, except for one local brand, lol) 🍺

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  1. Well Nathalie, you have come back with a lustful vengeance and left us all laying exhausted in the field! πŸ”₯ I love the moments you call out with the energy and passionate visuals of lovers mad with lust for one another.βš‘οΈπŸ’– I’m aware of Depeche Mode but hadn’t heard this tune before…paying iTunes a visit soon.😘


  2. Cool……. or should I say hot?
    It’s both, two in one. Let me phrase it properly. It’s so cool to be this hot! β™‘β™‘β™‘


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