Sun in the sea

The sun dips into the sea, making it blaze while the waves, amazed, shyly retreat.

I’m the only witness to this explosive orgy of flames as you’re standing behind me with your arms around my waist and your face buried in my tangled hair.

For that one brief moment, as you inhale deeply with your eyes closed and I attempt to fully grasp this extraordinary spectacle, we are one and the same β€” fierce, invincible, we are the guardians of the Galaxy.

86 thoughts on “We

      1. I hardly dare think what various parts I’ve played in your imagination! Usually I slap men for taking such liberties, even in their imagination! But, I do like you Rob. You’re too funny for me not to allow those little plays of yours 😜

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      2. Truth be told, I think you may have slapped me during one of those episodes. But I plan on a wonderful, fervent dream somewhere off the coast of Portafino. With no slaps. πŸ˜€

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      3. It couldn’t have been real – I don’t do tropical islands! I’m a weird type of flower who likes cliffs and angry seas (hence why I live over here!)


      4. Fine. How about grass skirts, ukuleles and angry seas and cliffs. I’ll have to work out the uke parts and make that little happy instrument cry like nobody’s business.

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      1. awwwww! You’re so cute! I love that image! I can totally see it! I told you everyone thinks you are a teenager! I guess we need to get with the program if we’re going to be warriors and we faint at the sight of blood, ha ha ha!

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      2. Hahaha! Warriors indeed! But we ARE though. I would drink the blood of any d******d who pushed their luck! I would spill that blood and bathe in it – and YET I’m squeamish!!

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      1. Your eyes are kickass and NO it doesn’t make you a bloody narcissist πŸ˜‰ OMG I just said your eyes are kickass AFTER saying they were the same as mine! Does THAT make ME a narcissist? Haha!

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      2. ha ha ha ha! I’m dying laughing! We are so busted! Oh I mean what is WRONG with liking a part of you? Silly isn’t it? Men always ADORE themselves but if a woman says she likes something about herself she’s a vain narcissist?

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      3. Right? I mean seriously though men do that all the time but we are apologetic or embarassed? Fuck that! I like my eye color too. I think you have cool eyes because they are very exotic in shape not traditional shape at all


      4. You have gorgeous eyes too and you should bloody well love them! And yeah, fuck that BS about embarrassment or apologies! (I so want to go and ride a dragon right now!)

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  1. It is a true moment you write of. I’ve been there, on Canadian shores, under their sunsets.
    The band is playing below me. It makes me think of you… your passions & mine. That’s why I’m visiting.
    My go.. they sound and feel fab. It’s fuckin’ awesome up here tonight.
    I wish you were here!!!

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  2. Oh yes, that time-stopping moment when we are in the right place with the right person, and everything seems possible, the universe waiting for us to make our move…

    Ash ❀️


      1. Hi Nathalie.

        I just wanted to take a break from
        Wordpress for a while.
        So I deleted my site.
        I did try two or three different
        poetry forums, but I found them to be
        quite unfriendly places.

        It’s good to be back. 😎
        And with a totally new site. πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. Hi Alan!
        Sorry about late reply! Notifications screwed on here for me, and I’ve hardly been present anyway. I’m sorry you found the poetry forums unfriendly places, I have no experience with them myself. I’m glad you’re back though, and I will check out what you’ve been up to later. I did try your old site several times when you were gone in the hope of finding a different message each time than “this site has been deleted” πŸ˜‰

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