Shame you were busy
I went to a masquerade
Plied my trade
As a medieval whore
Behind the doors
Of a gloomy castle
Received a rose
From a lovable rascal
Lived, breathed, loved
Not a minute was lost
I only wish your lunchtime
Had been as exciting as mine
You were keeping the books
While I dived straight into one
No need to ask
Which one of us missed out

42 thoughts on “Books

      1. Awww, thank you but for some reason I got a bit shy. I’m quite happy to wear it out but immortalising the outfit with a photo on the blog just seemed to much somehow 😁

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  1. The beauty of a book over a leisurely hour, some people just don’t understand the joys of it, let alone the imagination we readers possess to conjure from the words such emotions and scents. We are truly rich.

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  2. You go! We all miss out on imperfect love without books.
    Hmm… books?? Love?
    For me, it’s the band. Where are they?
    Lol, they just kicked in. Luv, luv!
    My apologies for being so abstract. Seems abstraction is the theme tonight.
    Love and music is my medicine.
    The band is on a Rolling Stones theme.
    You are on my mind.
    You are quite a love.

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  4. If it’s not too much of a hassle, you should probably have a few links near the top of your blog called ‘Rob’s favorite posts’ so when I’m not at work I can find my favorite Nathalie posts quickly. πŸ™‚

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