Too crude for me

Those men with poor imagination and wild ambitions – they fancy themselves as lions but are really defective copies at best and ugly hyenas at worst.

They big themselves up, inflate their own egos until it’s as sad and bloated as a retired whore.

They don’t do this alone though: the one-eyed man rules over a blind submissive army which coos and strokes and giggles while the rest of us look on and wonder, divided between disgust and laughter.

Writing shitty poetry is not a crime, and neither is being emotionally stunted, but having an innate lack of respect for women despite claiming loud and clear to the contrary is.

Who do you think you are? An enticing mix of dark and art, right?

Oh, how I laugh!

Your dark is small and sad and pitiful.

You are so very weak, dreaming of a queen and picking up debris – which is just what you deserve.

You told me to suck your cock, proud as a peacock you were! Proud to be abusive, justifying the implied threat of rape with the sorriest of excuses –
I had criticised, I had been fierce, so why not shove your cock in my face?

Abuse is never acceptable and despite your sob stories and pathetic excuses, it’s never justifiable.

There is nothing worse than the man who declares his victim responsible for his own appalling behaviour.

If only you could realise your dominating dreams from another age are the worse sort of bait.

You were never worthy of me, and a fool not to perceive I always had the power to crush you under my exquisite heel.

Escape, start again somewhere new – but let me tell you: you can’t escape yourself, no matter how hard you try.

You are nothing. You will never be anything. I held my tongue for so very long out of a kindness you did not merit, but now it can be said: I have never liked Modigliani – as an artist, much too crude for me. And how true that turned out to be.

46 thoughts on “Too crude for me

  1. Far less than he deserves…but better than silence at his disgusting nature. I’m proud of you, Nathalie. Well done, Warrioress. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. It is sad that you have been subjected to such abuse. There are are many men (especially since the awful FSOG) who feel they have a licence to act towards women without respect. And sadly there are women who aid and abet such behaviour. A desire for sexual dominance (whether in a man or a woman) is not in itself a sin – we are all different and should never seek to impose our own sexual limits or desires upon others. However, to not recognise that sexual submission is a valued Gift only bestowed if first and always there is mutual respect, is a sin. As is writing poor poetry about it.

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    1. Thank you, for this.
      I am not at all submissive by nature, however the right man can turn me so in certain circumstances – just to be clear, I mean sexually – but it will be a mood and it will be a moment, it will never be something that’s automatically on the table before…things start. And this “mood”, and this “moment” can only happen with the right man, I can’t stress that enough.
      Now that I’ve given out far too much information, let me say that I do not care what others do or wish to do.
      What I do have a problem with, however, is somebody being so out of control in their personal lives that they turn to dominating instead of sorting their lives out, that they do it with a complete and utter lack of respect for women – that, in fact, their lack of respect for women is the basis for the dominance wish.
      I am not judging you, I was judging this one person, this weak, sad excuse for a man who thinks that being aggressive and abusive to women means being “masculine” and “strong”.
      I do not doubt *your* respect for women, I have no doubt you see sexual submission as a “valued gift”, I also know you are a talented writer and would never produce “poor poetry” πŸ˜‰

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      1. Smiles. You have never struck me as sexually submissive (sadly) and certainly not a submissive woman in general (a trait a find unattractive). Thank you for the compliment – though in truth some of what I write does find itself on the wrong side of poor. Usually when I am at my most pompous. Smiles.

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      2. Ah, I did say it is a mood and a moment. And it has to be truly sexy, none of that spanking business. If a man ever tried that with me, I’m afraid I would laugh in his face. Then go searching for a whip *laughs*
        I have not yet read anything that qualifies as poor or indeed pompous – I’m going to be actively looking from now on πŸ˜‰

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  3. Exactly right that abuse is never justifiable. And victim blaming is disgusting. I agree with what Romantic Dominant says about mutual respect- that has to be key in anything- know and respect your partner. Obviously threats of rape do not comply!
    Hugs, lovely. ❀

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  4. Powerful anger, Nathalie, and well deserved. It’s weak and pathetic cowards who commit these acts of violence and condone them. I love the line: “but let me tell you: you can’t escape yourself, no matter how hard you try.” It’s the sad truth of their sorry lives.

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    1. Thank you, Diana. And I’m sorry for late reply – notifications are messed up for me on here. Yes, I agree: whoever acts that way can run from what they’ve done but they can’t run from themselves

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    1. Since we talked via phone, I forgot to reply to this! Well, we’ve discussed it all now and there’s nothing more to add. But thank you for being there, my totally awesome twin πŸ’œ

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  5. Yes, I held my tongue out for your cock.You did not give a sh*&. Now you recoil in shock of my bite…. my teeth, my might. I’m tired of your delusions that do not appreciate my love.

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  6. Good for you, shaming this man and this type of man is something that we need more of. I mean a bit of dominance here and there is fair enough but when it’s something like this…these boys need to see there is nothing special about their twistedness.

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