I am so angry I am ready to take up arms and fight.

Fuck the left, fuck the liberals who have helped unleash this plague on us.

They stop us from really debating anything from politics to religion, they stop us from REALLY talking about ANYTHING at all.

They might as well hold the terrorists’ hands while they’re planning how many innocent lives they can take.

Anybody who retreats in the safety of “love wins”, “pray for —whichever city is being attacked”, changing their Facebook profile picture as “support”…they’re all complicit in the senseless murders.

We ARE at war. Terrorists are waging war on us in the most cowardly manner, and we do nothing but hold candlelight vigils.

I wonder how the families of the victims feel when they see somebody start singing “don’t look back in anger” – mere days after the attack, when the mangled bodies of children are barely cold.

We are sheep waiting for the slaughter, waiting with love and hope in our hearts – how fucking stupid.

It is time to take action – enough is enough! We need to take a hard line on terrorism and what breeds it. We need to start TALKING without fear of being branded “haters” and “racists”.

For every single person who preaches love in the face of cold-blooded murder, there are dozens of others getting angry and ready to act rashly, as in attacking innocent peaceful Muslims.

Do we want that? No, of course not. But we are letting it happen with our pathetic passivity and political correctness.

Every day we pray is another day towards the inevitable: more murders, more blood, more tears and pain, more bodies littering the streets and more devastated families. And more dangerous anger.

33 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. Amen! The PC culture effectively bans free speech and gives these monsters the freedom to carry out these cowardly attacks. These are the fruits of the liberal and globalist agendas. We are at war and it’s time our leaders reacted as such.

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    1. I’m so sick of it, Rob! Here we are, with yet another cowardly attack and I want to put on a pair of denim shorts and commando boots (a la Lara Croft) and go fight. They might take me down eventually but I’m sure to kill a few of those bastards before that!

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  2. I understand and share your anger at the senseless murders, but unfortunately it’s a very difficult problem to solve. A disproportionately violent response will just lead to an escalating conflict; witness what’s happening in Syria. As a left-wing liberal myself, I’m disappointed that you feel you can’t have an honest discussion of the issues. The biggest thing fuelling conflict today is the ready availability of arms. If you want to reduce human misery, campaign against that.

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      1. TOTALLY agree with that! It’s so easy, isn’t it? Blame the wars we’re waging, blame our colonial past, etc…there’s always an excuse for why a bunch of lunatics might feel like attacking us


  3. First, I’m glad you are okay/safe. Second, I’m so sick of this shit…this poison. Is it their goal to make us militant?…because like you, I am ready to take up arms. I will not sit meekly by and be prey. I wish the PEOPLE would come together and take control of this, as it was in the days of old. The problem is, governments aside, how do you beat back violence with violence? I mean, how do the average fight this??…me…you? It’s so frustrating…I just want it all to end!!

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    1. It is very frustrating and clearly you and I can’t go out there armed to the teeth and start fighting – no matter how much we might want to. This is the thing that gets me: they say they are fighting “a holy war” but they’re fighting like cowards, attacking innocent people who are out having fun and minding their own business. That’s not fighting!! Come at us when we’re armed and ready and then let us have a fight! Ok, so I know that can’t happen either, but you know what I mean, right? There is NOTHING noble about detonating yourself in a lobby full of kids – that’s not war, that’s pure cowardice

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      1. If your god tells you to murder children your god is evil… This world and this war for religion is pathetic. They’re all cowards. All they do is try to sucker punch us when we’re not looking. How do people become so warped mentally that they can justify these actions to themselves? It’s so frustrating and disheartening.


  4. I think you’re right with this article, tolerance is growing very thin, its dividing our society with people running to the right and left, its ridiculous.

    I think its a pity you single out political correctness, its why I can’t award a “like” I really don’t feel that good will should be abandoned in all this, we need to be balanced and avoid paranoia.

    I was just thinking you know in more authoritarian countries they would arrest the entire family of the perp (and probably kill them all) Obviously if we became like that we would be half way towards what they want – some kind of exciting gut reaction systematic idiotic juvenile vision. Fuck that!

    Twice in the last week I have seen muslim women talk about Islam as a damaging patriotic religion, I agree – we can say that too! Fuck them, Fuck their stupid moronic religion, Fuck all religion! Fuck them all to hell – Bastards! I hate it, its bullshit!

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    1. I tell you why I singled out Political correctness. Yesterday, I replied to a certain Stephanie Cox on Twitter who had disagreed with something my friend posted. A few tweets back and forth between her and I & it became clear we wouldn’t agree – fair enough. However she then called me “bright spark” which irritated the hell out of me and then quoted something I said, therefore moving the discussion to her TL so her followers would see it and (hopefully) abuse me. It worked. Somebody promptly called me an arsehole. She agreed with that statement. When I pointed out to her that she didn’t have to resort to that, she said “I can express my opinions on my Twitter page” and I told her that actually, she wasn’t, she was condemning my opinions on her page, inviting abuse of my thoughts. I also said that I might disagree with her but there was no name calling on my part. She promptly blocked me. Why? I hadn’t been abusive, SHE had. And there you go: political correctness for you. It’s fucking outrageous.


      1. Emotions are raw at the moment, especially with this election going on. Despite both main parties trying to tell us they are acting “in the will of the people” the country is still divided over the Brexit issue, whoever wins its looking like there’s going to be even more division.

        In defence of the left, I’m looking back to the 70’s when I was growing up and the National Front were popular, they were eventually pushed out of the limelight after a good deal of violence, riots etc, they re-branded themselves as the BNP, but were again repelled, then finally UKIP came forward and occupied their space, when you talk about political correctness being a bad thing, bearing in mind what came before it, you might be rattling cages that go way back!

        Your spat with the twitter head case isn’t really about political correctness as far as i can see, its just a row with someone who couldn’t hack it! No one’s coming round to arrest you for speaking out – seriously! 🙂

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      2. But that’s it, isn’t it? Nobody can hack it anymore and they hide behind political correctness to shut us up.
        I know what you’re saying, and thank fuck progress has been made…but it has now swung too far to the other way where we can’t say anything. Surely there’s a middle ground in between the racists and the fear of always offending?!


      3. It was really surreal to see people singing and having fun at the commemorative concert the other day, I agree its bizarre, but now that was so successful it seems to make some sense to bolster disappointed and upset pop fans that way – not to be beaten down and all that I think you would agree after all?

        I know you’re a journalist and its brave of you to put yourself into the firing line, I’m sure a lot of journos would simply avoid the subject – and its not going to be easy to tackle such things if you haven’t been here for decades you aren’t to connect political correctness with 30 or 40yrs of left – right struggle.

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      4. People having fun is fine by me. They wanted to show everyone they’re not going to be cowed and I agree with that message. I also have NO problems with candlelight vigils – of course I don’t. My problem is that THIS is ALL there is: love, fun and vigils as reactions – we need more!

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    1. Tom, you and I are united on this and there are so few of us seeing things with a healthy dose of common sense that I need you to stand up straight AND defiant – no ducking! 😉


  5. I couldn’t agree more. How many more deaths until we face reality? How many more cowardly attacks and we do nothing? Just round up a dozen usual suspects? Don’t know about the UK, but in France there are already entire areas where the law doe not enter. In the north of Paris, women can’t walk in the street anymore. Oh, but don’t worry, laptops will be banned on airplanes.
    Oh, another thing: war? Does anybody remember what war is? There are two sides. Them and us. In WWII all Germans were ennemies (and vice-versa). Sad but a fact. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in December 1941, all Japanese-Americans were held in detention camps for the duration of the war. Surely many were not in favour of Japan. But in war, you don’t take risks.
    Oh, and meantime, the sole surviving killer of the Paris November 2015 attacks is happily in prison, refuses to answer interrogations and is not even on trial yet. What are we waiting for? More evidence? Or more killings.
    Merci Nathalie.

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  6. Et enfin, je vois que tu es toujours là. J’espère qu’aucun de tes proches n’a été frappé. Mais là aussi, comme à Paris ou à Berlin ou ailleurs, ils deviennent tous des proches. Watch your back.

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    1. C’est vrai, ils deviennent tous des proches. En attendant, j’ai quelqu’un de très proche qui se rend à Londres tous les jours et j’ai beau essayer, j’ai du mal à ne pas m’inquiéter…

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