They tell me
I know nothing about adversity
I’ve never suffered
Never faced prejudice
Thus denying
My tears
My scars
My entire history
Invalidating my feelings
Erasing my identity
While they are so keen
To assert theirs
When will they
Has a monopoly
On pain

*For all the arrogant, self-obsessed fuckers out there who assume far too much when they don’t have a fucking clue. Just because someone doesn’t constantly act like a victim doesn’t mean they haven’t had it hard too – some of us don’t enjoy navel-gazing, wallowing in self-pity and don’t have any desire to play the victim card every day of our fucking lives. But, hey, maybe it’s because we have a full deck to choose from instead of one lonely single one? Just a thought*

47 thoughts on “They

  1. Thats a great song – I’m amazed by Michael Stipe, it’s be great if he’d do more music, but if he don’t, its fine cos he done loads of good stuff already πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re ok Nathalie Xx

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  2. Good grief thank god for rants because this needed to be said. Why? Because TOO many people think this way! For example – I was following some ‘feminist’ group on WP and they began to annoy me by saying that EVERY white-skinned person should feel responsible for the persecution and racism in society toward those who are not white-skinned. Then it went a step further and said white-skinned people should realize nothing they do or say makes up for it and sometimes makes it worse. Ergo, you’re fucked whatever you do. I began to feel angry. On my mother’s side we are north-african whilst I don’t look it I am blood wise, but IF I WERE NOT and I were simply white-skinned, why does that automatically make me a racist? A bigot? or someone who ‘doesn’t know what it’s like?’ – nobody no group no color has the skinny on the world’s suffering. Granted people of color have been abused a great deal but other groups also (jews / women ) and more over your point of not assuming that someone doesn’t ‘get it’ or know how badly one can suffer because they are not lamenting the fact, well that’s just making things worse because you’re pigeon holing all those people whose lives you have NO idea about. It makes me hopping mad. I may write about some of the things I have experienced and/or seen (not all are personal of course) but like you I don’t go around directly saying ‘this happened/ that happened’ and often people think oh she’s white-skinned and middle-class (on a good day) blah blah so she doesn’t know what it’s like, well that’s shit and the whole idea of judging others based upon those outdated modes is shit. For example – if someone is half black half white why do they forget that they are half white and only talk about being half black (Obama) is it because that’s all anyone sees and prejudices against? a black face? And yet, many positive things come from being a person of color and not every white-skinned person is prejudiced by any means and further more, this goes for being considered anti-gay or anti-woman or anti-anything. To judge the entirity is to cut off from reality and sometimes we’re guilty of doing it because of constant pressure to be culturally sensitive, but what of everyone else? Everyone hurts. Everyone hurts. I think you expressed this exactly as it is.


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