Instant Crush


my half-closed eyes
our shadows
moving on the wall
unsubtle silhouettes
sketched in haste
in bold and frenetic motion
stark in its execution
we’re writing infinite stories
on each other’s bodies
raw scribbled lines
words without rhymes
rough caresses
laced with
occasional tenderness
we moan shudder and gasp
as if taking our last breath
on those insatiable nights
filled with perpetual fights
to stave off the darkness
and postpone death

*First posted in 2015*

30 thoughts on “Instant Crush

  1. What those of us born in France know, is that passion will always stave off death. franรงoise sagan epitomized that in her work as many others did (most sexistly it must be said, hence Sagan’s reference). Passion isn’t always sex but it is often the touch, the sigh, the lowered eye, the movement. Passion is dance. Without movement, without dance, you are just standing waiting to die. Your work embodies a deeper understanding of this always.


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