Heartbreaking/stunning piece of writing by my insanely talented sister Candice


The day I came out … all my girlfriends took one step apart

it can’t bethey collectively agreed

she’s too pretty, she’s too feminine, she’s not a dyke she’s one of us

didn’t she enjoy sex with that boy in the garden? you know that party the one where

they turned the lights on and saw them straddled in tall grass?

What happened? Did you get raped? Was it because you grew up without a mom?

What happened? Did you get bewitched? Is she a sorceress? A genie? A devil?

Soon after the invites to go out on the girls-nights


the newly minted lesbian sat alone with her shadows and her eye make up

growing stale in their plastic boxes

virile boys wondered why they hadn’t kept her straight

cleavage girls wondered if she had looked at them in the shower the wrong way

why didn’t you try…

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9 thoughts on “Equality

  1. I appreciate you posting this so much – mostly because the ‘subject matter’ is intensely unpopular and it’s often hard to post something unpopular on our blogs (notice how few will like it when we do) and yet, how can anything change in terms of acceptance? I don’t usually write on this because I know people will roll their eyes. It meant a lot that you did. Just thank you. Thank you so much. You are a good egg – and I miss Paddington too btw

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    1. You know, I reblogged this and a couple of hours later you made your blog private which meant my reblog came up as blank…so it didn’t really have lots of exposure, which is a crying shame because it’s powerful and amazing writing and you shouldn’t stop yourself from writing about this because it’s important. I know about posting unpopular stuff, my posts about liberals come to mind haha but I don’t care…if I feel it I have to post it and this…this was amazing


      1. Which is probably why my Twitter account got limited yesterday! Apparently, some “potentially abusive behaviour” was detected, I mean…WTF! Clearly, some liberal got really pissed and reported me…for being “abusive” because that’s a synonym for honest these days


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