30 thoughts on “RIP

      1. I know his pain exactly. Depression is a serious matter. We all need to be listening to our friends, family, the ones we care for. The problem with that…is no one listens. That’s the key important rule, ‘Listening’.

        Depression…I know…people are so cruel, & unsympathetic. Where is compassion?


      2. I know but I feel like with depression there’s really not that much that others can do, you know? Sure you can listen and you can hug them, but ultimately you can’t take away their…emptiness, you know?

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  1. RIP, poor soul… he had been absused in his childhood, he would struggle with depression and “stuff” for decades, and one day, he just couldn’t go on, and he decided to cease living! 😦


  2. One of the few ‘modern’ bands I saw live, because I just think Linken was the best band for their genre and passion. It was the sadness the angst the pain the rage that drew me and I suppose that’s what made him so good and so now – dead. It is very, very sad. His kind is rare. I so wish he had found another way and yet at the same time I totally get it.

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    1. Yeah, that’s why he was so loved because he was one of us. I actually wrote about it a couple of days after the news broke because my heart felt so heavy and I must say it even took me by surprise how strongly I felt about this…but in the end it was so personal and dark I never published it but, yeah…he was one of us and spoke for us and expressed our anger and pain and one of us has fallen…so we all feel it and we feel guilty too because he helped so many of us and we couldn’t help him


      1. Exactly. I was surprised because his friend had just taken his life, I didn’t think he would follow so soon, and yet, no surprise if you think about it, as someone wrote, the words he wrote, the emotions he evoked, could he have done that and been well and whole? I suppose not. Some genius must rent and burn. His did. I am not sure he was a genius but he was a really, really good modern musician and that alone is rare. I feel badly for his kids, he had five or six. I agree about sometimes when you feel so much pain it’s so personal you can’t actually write it or share it. I write a lot like that, about fifty percent of what I write I don’t publish because of that, it would be like showing my privates to the world you just can’t. I do think he helped a lot of people and maybe that alone makes his life short as it was, so worthwhile. It seems often the really, really good ones fall early. (and the wankers live forevermore)

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      2. Yeah, that is it, he couldn’t write what he did and be mentally well. I too feel so sorry for the kids and my God isn’t it true that the wankers live forever more?! So fucking not right


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