Wit always wins


Khaleesi and Jon

This is probably going to be a very unpopular post but what the fuck, things have to be said.

Khaleesi is losing it: she’s become arrogant as hell and if I hear her go on about her “birthright” one more time, I’m going to do something real bad.

To be clear, I used to love this girl in the beginning. As recently as last year I wrote a post dedicated to her – I even got half naked to recreate THAT moment when she came out of the burning hut unscathed: QueenΒ 

But, too much stuff has happened and she now just irritates the hell out of me.

Yes, she has united a bunch of people to fight for her, but let’s remember:

1. She’s hot (always helps, I’m sorry but it’s a fact)

2. She has DRAGONS

3. She’s a Targaryien

Then we have Jon Snow who’s also managed to unite people and he:

Has no dragons

Is a bastard

This was perfectly highlighted in last night’s episode when Khaleesi was introduced to Jon with a list of titles as long as my arm and Jon was just…”Jon Snow”.

Then she expected him to bend the knee…

What can I say…I was muttering darkly in front of the screen:

“Don’t do it, Jon…don’t do it…DON’T YOU DARE!”

I have never loved him as much as when he declined to bend that fucking knee. Because, WHY the fuck should he? He has demonstrated leadership skills far beyond what she has. As he said, he owes her NOTHING.
I have complained in the past that dragon girl is too much of a liberal but that’s exactly what she is.

Cersei got it right when she said Khaleesi is a revolutionary, not a ruler. She wants to free all the slaves and for everyone to be safe and happy, she’s basically Jeremy Corbyn with no sense of the economical or political repercussions her actions might have.

A deluded liberal who went on about what she has been through: she was sold and raped, etc…awful, yes.

But Jon was raised as a bastard, basically an undesirable, ended up on the bloody wall, had to face a dead army, had to give up the love of his life, was actually murdered…and you didn’t see him going on about his misery in that episode, did you? No, it was left to Davos to tell Dany that, actually, Jon has been through shit as well. And he got on with it and he doesn’t even want to rule! I bet if you asked him what he wishes for the most, it would be for Ygritte to be alive and to live for the rest of his days in that cave with her – that cave where they made sweet, sweet love.

I CANNOT wait for Khaleesi “I was born to rule” to learn that actually, there might be another Targaryien left with a claim to the throne that precedes hers. I really cannot wait for that moment.

Also: khaleesi brought back dragons that everybody thought were gone forever and yet she doesn’t believe in the White Walkers? Er…

All that said, the episode belonged to the Lannisters. It’s no secret I love them, because they are fascinating characters and because they always have all the best lines. Wit always wins with me and Tyrion and Cersei are just gifts, so it was good to see the family get plenty of screen time last night. Tyrion was absolutely brilliant, as ever – I’ve wanted him as my best friend since I started watching the show because, that man drinks and knows things! That’s enough, nothing else is needed – he’s perfect.

And Cersei totally stole the show. Yes she’s a bitch and yes she won’t rule for long, but man has she got style! I have to say it: if someone had murdered my daughter, I would also lie awake at night thinking of intricate ways to get revenge. And what Cersei came up with was fucking perfect: devilishly cruel – I cheered that kiss of death – yes, I fucking did, I loved it. There is none of that “don’t look back in anger” with Cersei, she does what I would do and hits her enemies a hundred times harder than they’ve hit her – my kind of woman.

Have to say quickly that Euron Greyjoy is a joke: they might have dressed him as some kind of incongruous rockstar but he’s hammy as fuck and frankly annoying. I’m surprised Jaime has managed to refrain from sticking his head on a spike. And Jaime is the bomb btw, I love this character so, so much.

Episode 3 was easily the best of the season so far. I have resigned myself to the utter RIDICULOUSNESS of the relationship between travel and time this season. It started on the previous season actually but it’s totally out of control now and makes NO sense, but whatever. So I’ve accepted that people get to wherever they’re going – next door or across the seas – seemingly in a day.

I don’t mind suspending disbelief because this is after all, fantasy, but there are limits to what I’m willing to ignore. How can a guy who had the entire fleet on his island stolen come back that quickly with a THOUSAND ships?

“Build me a thousand ships!” he roared at the end of the previous season – and they did! On an island made of rocks where there are no trees. Not to mention the extensive labour and time needed to build just ONE SHIP, let alone a thousand.

And HOW can he somehow land on the one ship his niece and nephew are on in the freaking middle of the night? While conveniently interrupting the girl on girl action that was just about to get underway? How can he destroy their fleet without any damage to his own?

Don’t even get me started on Sam curing Jorah by just following “the instructions in a book” while experienced maesters have tried and failed, often losing their lives in the process. Who knew the cure to Greyscale was that straightforward? Just remove the affected skin and apply ointment afterwards…er…REALLY???? Give me a break.

Sansa is now a ruler, she knows how to organise food supplies, plan for the winter, she knows EXACTLY what the blacksmiths should be doing, just like THAT.

Oh man, I wish they hadn’t rushed filming this season because it really shows.

I must end on Lady Olenna though because she managed to have the (devastating) last word after swallowing her poison. To die while totally gut punching your killer? Respect. She’ll be missed.

45 thoughts on “Wit always wins

    1. Well, thank you, Tom – I appreciate that you read it even though you haven’t yet caught up with it all (WHAT are you waiting for! This and Hannibal should be your priorities! πŸ˜‰)


      1. There’s a preacher with supernatural powers, his wrong side of the road girfriend and a junkie vampire. I love it. Here’s an excerpt that won’t spoil anything:

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      2. Yeah, I remember that. It’s what happened to Glen that turned off a lot of people. I have really enjoyed Preacher, though. It has some very good dark humor. Did you like Sean of the Dead? In some ways, it’s similar.


  1. Sorry, but this made me laugh, Natalie. I watch “movies” the same way and have a hard time with too many coincidences and too many easy answers. I do like it that everything Daenerys is trying to do gets foiled – no smooth ride to the iron throne feels realistic. I never really cared for her and have always liked Jon Snow – I think the contrast is probably on purpose and we are going to see them both have to change, which would be good. Rant away, my friend.

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    1. Why are you sorry Diana? I wrote this today on a park bench and I was laughing as I was typing it all up on my phone, so I’m definitely not sorry it made you laugh πŸ˜‰
      I agree that it’s realistic Dany didn’t get a smooth ride to the throne – at least there is SOME realism going on in the show!

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      1. I was sorry for laughing because your rant seemed so vehemently sincere! My husband and I get all riled up too (though I’ll admit we also laugh). Wouldn’t it be nice is the only thing in the world to get worked up about was the realism in TV shows? I’d like that world. πŸ˜€

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  2. Someone has time on her hands!!! Good write up tho, I’d forgotten half of the plot, I think with GoT we are probably expected to have a very short attention span – I don’t think GoT is anything like as well written as LOTR’s, but GoT characters are more fun, tho its very often frustrating when they introduce some fantastic newbie only to bump him/her off far to early!

    I have also been watching the Spanish drama “I know who You Are” thats great to.

    I do wonder how GoT is going to eventually wind up, its going to be a hell of a war, those Starks are great! I saw someone in a Tshirt (up here in the north) which read “The North Near Forgets” Great! πŸ˜€

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    1. Nathalie I just been watching “I Know Who You Are” on the BBCi player, its Soooo good, I just had to draw your attention to it! Its a Spanish drama, I just watched episodes 5-6, (which I missed last saturday) thinking all the way to the end it was the last episode, turns out its an 8-parter!! So I’ll have to wait till sat to see the finale, but its been so damn good! Such a great story I just had to pas it on!! πŸ™‚

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    2. Ha. Not that much time on my hands ! This was written in 5 minutes at lunchtime in the park. And I TOTALLY agree that LOTR is better written (by a mile). Oh, and I want that t-shirt! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, I agree that it might have to do with the fact they’re now working without the books but I thought they were in close contact with George RR Martin and he had basically revealed his ending to them (though it’s not written yet)…though obviously broad lines from the author can’t be as helpful as the actual books…I don’t know…it’s got so much potential and yet it’s not been done right so far…

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  3. Sorry I didn’t see this until now, I have been really sick and off WP. I totally agree with you here (surprise). I think the brutality of Cerci is the only realistic response. I ‘get’ why she is the way she is, even if she’s ‘wrong’ I get it. Kalesi, not so much, yeah she was raped and I don’t say that lightly but she has really begun to take advantage of her knocks to become as you say, a hard stone cold bitch and I don’t see that evolution as being in any way sympathetic. I will continue to love Jon Snow and feel his character could benefit from ‘development’ (okay maybe I just want to watch him more!). I never liked Sanza so I’m biased about her, she drives me nuts. I like Tyrion but has he become the main character already? His screen time is annoyingly long. I would have preferred they finish the storyline with this season done more slow and not dragged out for the bucks to 2 more seasons. They have waived in the credability of the characters and plotline vastly and it takes patience and loyalty to keep enduring (one should never endure a show). Very well written review of this season thus far.

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    1. Candice! I hope you’re feeling better – I haven’t been on here much either tbh. I know you understand Cersei like I do. I just feel like it’s all been rushed and even though it’s good not to have so many dead moments as in late books, it’s all going too fast


      1. I really like the Cersei character – yes agreed – it’s like a mix of too slow and drawn out and too rushed (how can that be? And yet it is). I’m not afraid of it ending I’m afraid of it ending BADLY. They CANNOT fuck this up.

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