The mad arrogant hypocritical queen

Daenerys: I will help you fight the army of the dead…if you bend the knee

Jon looks away…

Daenerys: Are you going to let your pride get in the way of helping/saving your people?

Ok, here’s the thing: the White Walkers aren’t just Jon’s problem, they’re her problem too, they’re everybody’s problem! The arrogant, hypocritical bitch is letting HER pride get in the way of helping/saving her people and ALL the people.

She’s stuck on her stupid birthright (not even worth anything since, hello, Jon, but never mind) while he, totally ignorant of who he really is only cares about saving the WORLD.

I think it’s quite clear here who DESERVES to rule.

And that dragon scene may have been epic but it just highlighted that Daenerys is as much a villain as everyone else playing the game of thrones.

I felt exactly like Tyrion did when he watched his countrymen get burnt to a crisp with a desolate expression on his face. I could hardly believe it because – I LOVE dragons – but I wanted that one to get shot down.

What did Jon say to her earlier on in the episode? “If you go burning everything, you’re just more of the same” – I’m paraphrasing here like I did above, BUT she showed that she is indeed just more of the same. And there’s no way I believe Jaime is gone.

Any little remaining sympathy I may have had for Daenerys is now gone after the latest episode: arrogant and hypocritical is what she has proved herself to be and totally unfit to rule.

More than ever I believe in Jon: the true AND deserving heir – nobody else should sit on the Iron Throne. Certainly not a prideful bitch.

*This is my 5 minutes rant written on the train*

13 thoughts on “The mad arrogant hypocritical queen

  1. Yes! Just this! I think it is apparent that she is becoming the Mad Queen….. history does repeat itself as we have seen over and over! She just wants power and everyone to bend the knee, she has lost all her empathy for the people! She did not bat an eye for all her soldiers she lost who CHOSE to follow her! I think when Davos spoke to Missandei about her being a slave to Dany was foreshadowing whats to come! If all her allies are choosing to follow her then she would allow them to leave at any point? Right?

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    1. Yes, I thought that was very interesting too: would she be able to leave? Would any of them? I don’t think Daenerys would take kindly to ‘deserters’. I also think the show is highlighting the obvious differences between Jon and Dany to prepare us for the eventual official revelation about his birth and his (potential) ascension to the throne


  2. For the first time we are getting to see a Dany who is not getting everything she wants, now she is being like a child who does not get what she wants! Almost everyone believes that she will end up on the iron throne, but I am part of the minority that does not. I think it is going to be someone totally unexpected someone lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce at the right moment, after Dany has done most of the leg work. I read some very interesting theories that Missandei is the one betraying Dany behind her back, then it got me thinking to a you tube video regarding Shiera Seastar a bastard Targaryn who practised dark magic, what if she like Melisandre hiding who she truly is?… Sorry I digress from the point but this season is just so amazing and I have too much speculation.


  3. Daenerys is certainly less likeable than she was in previous episodes, I predict that Ygritte will return and claim Jon Snow for the dark side, hence, “You know nothing Jon Snow” will finally make more sense – I have no idea how Khaleesi will meet her end, but it will be diabolical, no doubt something brilliant cooked up by Petyr Baelish / Sansa Stark – but somehow it’ll be Arya Stark who wins out! πŸ˜€


  4. I’ve always loved your writing and rants….beautiful spunk! I agree with you…the introductions have started on who the real ruler of the Andals is πŸ™‚. And I think Dany will know it soon enough and bend the knee

    Hope you are well Nathalie πŸ™β€οΈβž°


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