Lazy plot, amazing visuals


Who thought sending main characters beyond the wall was a good idea?
It was Jon, wasn’t it, who decided to go, as if bringing Cersei a white walker is going to make any difference.

Anyway, I always thought it was a stupid, IDIOTIC plan but now I know why it happened – so the Night King could acquire a weapon of mass destruction therefore making his army even MORE powerful than it already is.

The latest episode had some good dialogue (the banter really was great) and brilliant visual scenes, but it was let down by the plot.

Our little gang are confronted by hundreds of white walkers…because, what else could possibly have happened??!! I’m going back to the fact going beyond the wall was utterly stupid – what happened was inevitable.

And now, I mention AGAIN fast travel. I’m sorry, but if it has been ridiculous up to now, last night it was just TOO much.

We can assume the guys have gone a fair way beyond the wall by this point and yet…

Gendry goes running back to the wall in record time and…

they send a raven to Dany which must be a magical one that covers hundreds of miles in a few hours…

so Daenerys can come to the rescue with her dragons which presumably also cover hundreds of miles within hours.

So, just in the nick of time, our heroes are all saved, though…

the Night King, for no discernible reason, decides to switch his SITTING target of Daenerys on her dragon to a much more difficult, further away AND moving one: flying Viserion.

Well, simply because we can’t lose Daenyris and everyone else, and we must have the Night King acquire his WMD – but still, it was badly done.

Then of course Jon gets left behind – for NO good reason – and falls (is dragged) below the ice. Only to come out again to what looks like certain death but…

deus ex machina alert – and that was just too much, too predictable, too easy, too lazy.

The Night King is clearly no fool – as well as being an ace thrower – and he controls those dead things, would he really not have realised the ice was now solid enough to hold them all until the hound started foolishly throwing stones?

This entire beyond the wall section was just so badly done, plot wise.

Then, we have Arya fast becoming annoying even though I usually LOVE her. I can’t stand Sansa, and while I think she may have some vague desire to become queen, I don’t see her betraying Jon. Also, she WAS just a kid when she sent that letter, why couldn’t Arya with her training – which supposedly taught her about the art of lying – see that?
More to the point, why can’t she sense Littlefinger is messing with them both? And why isn’t Bran interfering with his all-seeing mind?
This whole thing between the sisters feels forced, more lazy writing there as well.

AND, Sansa said yesterday: I haven’t heard from Jon in weeks. Ok, that makes sense, ravens are flying from the wall to Dany in the blink of an eye but Jon hasn’t managed to send a raven to his sister in weeks, to, you know, let her know he’s ok!

In other news, Jon finally bent the knee – not literally, but he did. While the entire world wants him and Dany to get together, I don’t. All I can think of is: you can do better Jon.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the season finale, and I am SO excited about the Night King having his own dragon – that should make for some truly amazing visuals and epic scenes in the very last season. Just another year to wait.

7 thoughts on “Lazy plot, amazing visuals

  1. You are having so much fun with this, Nathalie. I agree on all your points. This episode seemed to be riddled with implausibility, unfortunately, but wasn’t it great anyway?! My comment to my husband was, “Where did they get the wood to build a fire?” There wasn’t one tree or bush in the whole northern landscape. He told me they carried it in. Oh, okay. Ha ha.

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    1. It WAS great anyway, I agree. And yes, the wood, of course! LOVE that your husband said they carried it with them πŸ˜‚
      The great big chains used to raise the dragon at the end, Arya’s bag of ‘faces’…my god, so much that made no sense or was frankly ridiculous…but I love it anyway, and stay up till 2am every Sunday to watch it at the same time as the US because I’m incapable of waiting till the next night when it’s shown in the UK πŸ˜€

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