It’s all over for now

Night King and Dragon

I wrote a little something after every episode this season so I have to add my final thoughts.

The finale was VERY satisfying, despite how they’ve rushed things to get to it.

The fact Arya and Sansa were playing Littlefinger all along was a “thank fuck for that” moment, because the alternative would have made no sense, especially (as I said last week) with Bran being this all-knowing person now. So Littlefinger’s days of plotting and scheming are over – about time.

The whole meeting in the Dragon pit was interesting, stellar acting from Lena Headey (Cersei), as per usual. The fact the meeting didn’t really achieve anything was no surprise, it was a silly idea – it was obvious bringing a wight to Cersei was never going to sway her. That meeting happened for one reason only: so we could get all the main protagonists in one place.

I really enjoyed the scene between Cersei and Tyrion, I was also incredibly relieved Jaime finally called time on his relationship with his demented sister – I knew he would do the right thing in the end. It just made sense, but their parting was nonetheless heartbreaking.

Jon and Dany did the deed. Humph. I found that scene kinda sickly. It’s strange because incest didn’t disturb me when it was Cersei and Jaime – theirs was such a fascinating relationship and it really felt like love, especially in the first few seasons. But Jon and Dany, I can’t get with it.

I know we have been told by different characters that they were “falling for each other”, etc…but I never saw it myself. When did they? They looked at each other a bit, ok, but didn’t really spend that much time together, didn’t really have meaningful talks…it just doesn’t feel right. They have got together because it’s expected, because it adds a twist, but not because they have been swept away by love and lust – I’m just not buying it. I can’t be the only one to see there’s zero chemistry between them two. 

That’s another difference between this incestuous love affair and the Lannister one: Cersei and Jaime, we have seen their relationship grow and evolve over time (all 7 seasons) while Jon and Dany met and pretty much got together instantly – it was rushed, like so many other things in season 7.

Also, Jon has been confirmed as Aegon Targaryen – rightful heir to the throne. We all knew by now, but to have Bran look back and say it was still a satisfying moment. Or it was for me anyway, as I started championing Jon as the Targaryen who was the legitimate heir YEARS ago when most people looked at me rather dubiously when I mentioned it.
Will any of us be able to stop calling him Jon though? I doubt it.

The wall crumbling gave us some breathtaking scenes. That dead dragon is as awesome as I thought it would be. It’s just a shame the plot plunged to ridiculous depths to have the Night King acquire his WMD. I’m sure he could have done so in a much more believable way. But anyway, that ending was epic, the sight of the White Walkers and their army standing underneath the wall before it was breached and they marched ahead was fucking fantastic.

How long will we have to wait for the ending? Some have said it might take 2 years, I bloody hope not but it probably will. Apparently there will only be 6 episodes in the last season, that worries me because we still have to deal with the White Walkers, Jon finding out about who he really is, how it’s going to affect his relationship with Dany, who’s finally going to end on the Iron Throne, etc…I bet they are going to rush the ending, like they rushed this season. I’d rather wait longer and for them to really do things properly, but of course it is not up to me.

In any case, I can’t wait for the ending though I’m going to be distraught when it’s all over. Despite the many flaws this last season, Game of Thrones is incredible TV. After the finale last night, I was so pumped up I couldn’t sleep for ages even though I had stayed up till 2am to watch it – as I have been doing every Sunday since Season 7 started.

On a final note, I must say the soundtrack has been absolutely amazing – I don’t think I had mentioned it up to now.

Winter has come, will it ever end? We must wait to find out.

12 thoughts on “It’s all over for now

  1. Weirdly good this Game of Thrones lark, it has all the hallmarks of great fantasy fiction, yet it always falls short, LOTR was great, perhaps the best there’ll ever be, but somehow I think what we need is a storyteller to match the material – its a tall order – back in the 80’s I read the series “Thomas Covenant, the unbeliever – that would make a really good epic, I don’t know if there’s much else out there to match it, (not being a fantasy buff or anything) but those were so pretty good books it seems to me looking back!

    I wholly agree stellar acting from Lena Headey (Cersei) has been amazing, well spotted! You have a level head! 🙂 XX


  2. I wonder how the White Walkers would have got past the wall had they not handily got a dragon. The speed of the season has been interesting, I am glad people can get to places quickly rather than half a season of walking (although the speed of the penultimate episode’s travelling was a bit much), relationships can’t be rushed like J&D’s has been. A few looks is not enough for the audience to become invested (or repulsed). All in all, a very enjoyable season, I especially enjoyed the first half.


  3. I’m into your comment about the soundtrack. 😀 The boy beneath my floor does soundtracks for a living. The band is for the giving. BTW: I mentioned you, and that you felt like you knew them. They like that!
    I need to get a sound thing happening for my blog.

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      1. On va essayer. J’avoue qu’on a arrêté dés le premier épisode, avec la première décapitation. 🙂 Il y a un peu trop de gore dans le monde réel pour le retrouver dans la fiction. Ou peut-être la violence dans la fiction est-elle un moyen “de l’exorciser” dans le réel? 😉
        (J’ai des doutes) A +. Bz

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