When I was praying
For the victims
And for the living
Our enemies
To give in
To anger
& Hate
I saw Death
Pick up its scythe
And go on cutting
All the while
At my sheer naivety

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51 thoughts on “Naivety

  1. So many layers in this poem… Beings yours I canΒ΄t avoid it linking to our World…. Which is pretty violent and full of too many dichotomies and threats, nowadays. I love your writing, Nat… xo ❀

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  2. “God only knows” what people are thinking when they face life shattering events, sometimes there is no answer but to move on however seems fitting – sometimes entire civilisations are wiped out, I think people know in recent decades we had it pretty easy – people just don’t want things to change!


    1. Wow, this is quite a reply! You wouldn’t know we’ve had it pretty easy though, would you? The way people are carrying on as if EVERYTHING is offensive. But of course they are able to think that way because we HAVE had it pretty easy. Ah, fuck it. Hope you’re doing good 😊

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      1. Ha, ha I don’t even know what you mean? I’m saying we had 2 world wars last century, now we have TV, cars, food on the plate, internet, modern medicine, etc, etc, we europeans are among the wealthiest nations on earth, yeah, compared to those countries run by maniacs in the middle east, and corrupt lunatics elsewhere, we have had it pretty good!
        If people are offended, fuck’em! Say what you like, think hard cos otherwise you’ll say nothing worthwhile, but don’t be worried about offence, its a free country! πŸ™‚

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      2. I don’t really take a lot of interest in current news and stuff these days cos theres so much crap flying about, but I think you are raising some valid points, I’m bombarded by political views these days via Facebook for instance – someone posted “You can no more blame Muslims for terrorism, than you can Christianity for the KKK – at first I thought what a useful reminder – but then later I’m thinking no, screw that! You Can blame Christianity for the KKK!


      1. My pleasure my dear. We are all surrounded by so much bullshit, that it is refreshing to read/hear someone call a cat a cat. Particularly for those who took the tube in London last week. (I do hope you and yours are alright, and that the wounded will recover).


      2. We are all fine here, thank you. But we do live with that threat now, don’t we? I must say it’s colouring my thoughts, I just wrote another ‘rant’ type of thing tonight to do with this and I keep thinking people are going to be so bloody sick of it…but it all came to me in a gush and it clearly needed to get out so…

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      3. I will read it with interest. That is by far the greatest threat the West is facing. And not addressing correctly. Out of NaΓ―vetΓ©. But I spent most of my life abroad. In the “South”, and believe me, we in the West, have no idea!

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  3. Done. Read the comments (which I normally don’t, they seem to me like a private conversation), but, lo and behold, no controversy? Regardless, thank you for your powerful words. (Though if History or Legend serves me right, Cassandra was not listened to) πŸ˜‰

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