Get a life


I had a busy day today, juggling all kind of stuff. I was getting a bit stressed with it all when I checked my email and some fuckwit had sent me a message about something I said on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, might even have been longer than that. In any case, my little tweet had enraged the fuckwit and he clearly NEEDED to tell me about it.

This is EXACTLY why I don’t let non-followers private message me on Twitter anymore. Between the guys who want to send you dick pics and the people who just HAVE to let you know how offensive your political opinions are, I couldn’t handle it anymore.

But, my blog link is on Twitter and if you find my blog, you find an email address. The fuckwit was kinda dedicated, I’ll give him that. I was talking to my tutor while reading his bullshit email which basically amounted to: I’m an ignorant stupid bitch, out of touch with reality, etc…the usual stuff.

Well, obviously I don’t reply to those kind of emails.
What could I say? Only this:

Fuck you, you fuckwit. Fuck right off and when you’ve fucked off as far away from me as possible, fuck off some more. I don’t give a fuck what you think of me because why would I worry about the opinion of a fucking toad? Also, take a fucking chill pill, we’re all allowed an opinion – even you – but you shouldn’t bloody harass people with it though. Seriously, get a fucking life.

You know? Some of us HAVE lives to get on with, I’ve been up since 6 and been working and studying all day, I don’t have time for some fuckwit’s meltdown. And now I’ve gotta go and workout.
You lovely people enjoy the rest of your day – as for the fuckwits: in case you SOMEHOW missed the message, I refer you to my pic, I’ve got nothing else to say to you, so keep the fuck away, thanks.

56 thoughts on “Get a life

    1. Not in this case, Rob! Get your mind out of the gutter for one minute, try at least (😜) – this wasn’t a case of dirty pics but a personal attack that was totally unwarranted. You’re supposed to send me sympathy (and maybe wine!)

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      1. Fine, I’ll try. But just this once, Nathalie. 😀 The wretched people that attack like this clown did to you is a microcosm of the attack by many on individuality. The groupspeak/groupthink – especially on the left – is nauseating. To think that the term ‘progressives’ are impeding free speach and opinion is mind boggling. Now, about that sympathy and wine, I’d love to. As well as share a few chapters of your favorite books as well. 🙂

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  1. How can a lady giving the finger ever be regarded as sexy? I don’t know but you managed to pull it off! 😀 (Btw that you have opinions is awesome.)

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  2. The “idit” ain’t worth your time, dear.
    For a “minit” I thought you were waving at the Orange man’s motorcade in DC. That brave woman got fired… 😦
    I like the art on your wall…
    (I don’t want to be preposterous)


  3. They say a picture speak a thousand words…yours only says two, but they are fucking effective! 😂
    Everyone entitled to their own opinion, as you say, but Christ, some people just can’t let it be!

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