5th of November

5th of November:
Outside, the air suitably smells of powder, smoke — it’s bitterly cold but no matter, because for the crowds, it’s all about homegrown terrorism and Guy Fawkes.

A penny for the guy and a penny for your thoughts, before you play your hand — straight As for your poker face and the impressive attention span.

It’s a royal flush of course: you win, take everything-including me-on the table. It’s messy, it’s bold, the cards tumble, fall to the floor.

“Preposterous” I mumble.
Why? I don’t know, maybe the wine was responsible, or this is what happens when sanity crumbles.

“Say it again” he tells me…he insists, when I don’t reply instantly.

I oblige: “Pre-pos-ter-ous”

Possibly the strangest dirty talk ever, have I done weirder? I can’t recall.

Nevertheless, as long as there’s no straight jackets, give us a cell and padded walls—sex laced with intellect from dusk till dawn—I guarantee I’d never get bored.

Pre-pos-ter-ous. Possibly my new favourite word…this, I discovered on a night filled with fireworks, on the
5th of November.

*Posted this time last year, but I kind of like it.

19 thoughts on “5th of November

  1. Pretty damned sexy, my friend. Pretty…damned…sexy!!! I LIKES it!!! On another note, didn’t Mr. Fawkes and his fellow conspirators get the ole “drawing and quartering” style execution for their efforts? Ouch. I mean, really, OUCH!! What a way to go.

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  2. Preposterous? Can’t remember how long ago I heard that word. 🙂
    “Murikans” don’t use it.
    You say it’s you? I wonder. You seem to be anything but preposterous.
    Or maybe you meant:
    (Désolé, le jeu de mot était trop facile…)
    A +

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