When it snows

If I ever got married, if I was ever so inclined

To make another forever mine

I’d like it to be when it snows

Cheeks red with cold, perfect scarlet apples, breath like puffs of smoke

I’d want clouds, across the sky blown by winter wind

No sun blazing at my wedding

Imagine Rod Serling

Introducing the twilight zone

His face bathed in monochrome shades

All my photos in an album of sepia tones

Love may mingle with the snow, neatly filling the Hollow

As a tiny church nestled inside sleepy walls

Sets the scene

And completes the tableau

*This little something was inspired by the last lines in this gorgeous (and v. emotional – for me) tune*

23 thoughts on “When it snows

  1. “You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone”. – season 2 opening narration.

    Love the song, Nathalie, and the idea. Another winter wedding would be the ice dance scene at the end of Edward Scissorhands.

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  2. Beautiful imagery here Nathalie. :-)Some wonderful descriptions and use of words such “His face bathed in monochrome shades” or “Cheeks red with cold, perfect scarlet apples, breath like puffs of smoke”. I absolutely adore any Stereophonics song with Kelly Jones’ gravelly voice; bittersweet lyrics and gorgeous melodies, I always get hooked.


  3. A beautiful poem. I always have and always will maintain that winter is the most beautiful season of all (at least in snowy latitudes), and would be the most beautiful time of all to get married. Nearly all colors look more dazzling against a snowy background.

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  4. How wonderful for me that you have been so inspired. I adore your poem.
    Have you tried living with a musician? From experience, it’s quite the Twilight Zone experience, and even though in sepia, my cheeks are apple red.

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