Almost always


Given the chance 
I will almost always
Take the spiral staircase
Leading to a place
I shouldn’t be
It’s crazy, it’s risky, you might lose your mind, fuck up catastrophically
It’s definitely not recommended for everybody
but it’d be so shitty
to look back and think
Hey, fuck it, I missed out –
What’s life without danger and a little mystery
Don’t listen to me though,
It’s well known
I’m away with the fairies

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24 thoughts on “Almost always

  1. You are so right, getting out of the comfort zone and doing something else, especially risky is exhilarating, it may not work out but who knows where it will lead. Life is a funny beast but only finite and it is all too easy to forget that when watching rubbish TV and eating Monster Munch.

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  2. Yes! TY for reminding me. It’s time to take another step on that staircase. Actually, I’ll now Friday if my next hair brained idea could work. It does not involve a Zippo lighter! 😀 😀
    Excellent prose!

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