Home Working – How Much Work REALLY Gets Done at Home?

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Where do writers get their stories?

There are many questions writers ask themselves and an important one, after ‘Why did I start this?’ is ‘Shall I work from home?’ Now, how much work actually gets done at home? I’m not even sure that much homework gets done at home anymore. I’ve talked before about how working from home mainly involves high level pottering, which achieves little more than moving stuff that may or may not need to be moved from one room to another. And pacing. Homes are best suited for lounging around in waiting for amazon packages and to escape the weather outside, not for working in.

I was always struck by JK Rowling reporting how she wrote in a cafe as a mark of a being breadline writer, when it’s actually far easier to write in a cafe than it is at home. There’s less distraction, and if…

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5 thoughts on “Home Working – How Much Work REALLY Gets Done at Home?

  1. For me, productivity at home really depends what I’m doing. If I’m in the office I tend to get badgered with questions throughout the day. It’s fun (not). If I’m home, after the kids return from school mid-afternoon, I may as well write off the end of the day.

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