Allergic to mornings


I don’t like the taste of coffee, I also think it looks and smells like the bottom of a tar pit. I’m envious of others who have caffeine to help them with the process of emerging from the folds of sleep. Like many, I’m allergic to mornings and it’s the time of day when I’m invariably at my most grumpy.
I can’t stomach the news first thing, or those chirpy early birds eager to get the worm. You know, the sort of people who virtuously tweet meaningless faux deep motivational quotes at 7am followed by #MondayMotivation or #WednesdayWisdom
No, what I need in the mornings is some synth led music, some joyous tune that speaks to my soul on a profound level. That and green tea is my usual routine. I do miss smoking, that first cigarette of the day, that glorious nicotine hit…indeed it’s always in the morning I feel a vague craving for that filthy habit.
And it’s also then I write narcissistic rubbish such as this.
I have a deadline for my Master’s this week, and I’ve chosen to go with Gonzo journalism, a form I love and which really suits me. The only problem is, there is only one Hunter S. Thompson and anybody following in his footsteps just reads like a cheap imitation. But, I’m giving it a go all the same. I can’t be timid, if I’m going to fail, it’s got to be spectacularly – there’s got to be a blaze and freaky flames.

34 thoughts on “Allergic to mornings

  1. I agree with you. Those Hallmark moment tweets, pretending to be a clarion call of motivation and inspiration are nothing more than saccharine laced empty words. But, today is a wonderful day because of a sultry selfie that you’ve posted. Love it! Now, for the music, may I offer you this:

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  2. I soak my head in a tub of warm brine water in the morning which softens it just a bit. Then I cram my softened head into a tightly built, tubular hat. This causes my head to take on the shape of the hat. I then remove the hat, wait for my head to dry and solidify a bit into said shape, and I go out in public. When people, especially kids, see me, they shout out, “Look! An alien! Look at its head! No human has a head shaped like that! It must be from Mars!” This causes me to laugh and forget about how tired and cranky I was when I woke up. Hope this helps. 😀


  3. … in common we have the music in the morning but unlike yours I have to take at least a couple of cappuccinos 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  4. ginseng these days you can find it everywhere that’s my go to I buy the powder been doing it for too many years
    I love what you are doing for your masters
    If you do it,that’s how I try to attack
    Psychological warfare was the greatest plan of attack


  5. Coffee makes the world go around for me, waking up at 5:30am, I need a couple of cups to jump start me. At around 9am it’s already heading towards 30 degrees so I try and get as much writing done as I can before then. As luck would have it, working with a big publisher on a project at the moment is helping me focus.

    Good luck with the deadline, you will beat it, and do so with style and class, because you are you and that is what you do!

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  6. depuis des décennies, je ne bois qu’un café noir – le matin, avant de parler ou de faire qqchose… 🙂 par contre, mon cher et tendre prend du thé vert depuis une dizaine d’années et un petit café after lunch…
    * * *
    à propos d’allergies, un “ancien” ami redit de temps à autres:”tu sais que je n’ai pas d’allergies ou d’intolérances, sauf à la connerie et à la méchanceté gratuite!” 😀

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  7. I’m allergic to the mornings
    I,can’t stand that How I feel like I was,drinking,
    Only I wasn’t but my body says hangover


  8. Haha, I looove my coffee in the morning. But even with coffee I’m still very groggy, and cranky, in the morning; I hate it when people try to talk to me. Like you, I need music to wake me up. Lively music works best, and I’ve found that no artist is more effective at dispelling the morning gloom than Eminem.

    Also, what’s Gonzo journalism? I’ve heard the term before, but I don’t know much about it.


  9. I just do water first thing in the AM — works for me somehow. And a really simple herbal tea pretty often, someone recommended it, called yarrow (achillee) — it preps the appetite and discourages falling under the sway of artificially strong flavors in meals. And I guess, I’ve learned to not care about hitting the ground running at full speed; I go for slow-building dapth over excess motion. Agree with you about coffee, never liked it, well maybe once or twice in Turkey. 🙂


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