What came to pass


Where there was friendship once, the land now lies neglected, weeds and ruins usurping sweet memories
The woman who could talk the black of a crow suddenly doesn’t think there is anything to add
Others she involves
With an edited report
She omits facts that are crucial
She’s very, very careful
And in this way she redraws
Her fingers dirty with chalk
Her mind febrile
She stoops to – almost – lies
As a last resort
Until she is left
With the picture
That will let
Live with herself
But the truth she hides, ignores
It’s too harsh and too simple
What came to pass was due to the worship of false idols over honesty and the real

Image credit: Abandon on Instagram

32 thoughts on “What came to pass

    1. Ah, the famous Blogger’s bash that I still haven’t graced with my presence! 😁
      Last year I said I would go to the next one but I have been buried in work for the Master’s. I foolishly didn’t realise the second year would involve a LOT more work than the first. But I’ll be finished in October – and I can’t wait. I hope you guys had a good time, I’m sure you did 😉 hugs

      Liked by 2 people

  1. A well written piece of prose, and a poke in the eye to liars. It astounds me how an habitual liar comes to believe their lies.
    This poem may seem dark to some, but I feel/see it more of an exposé. It’s a strong wind, the dirt of truth within. This wind could sand the paint off of an old rusting car.
    Love your work, and Ive missed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I very badly wanted to do this one like a regular journal entry, me spilling everything out in my usual fashion…but there were other people to consider so I couldn’t. So this is actually quite unsatisfying for me the way I’ve done it. How are you anyway?


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