What makes a writer..?

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It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way. Ernest Hemingway.

What attracted me to writing was the idea that writers were respected. With nothing but a pen as their weapon they seized upon life itself and wrestled it into tight-knitted prose, for the pleasure of adoring hordes. I intended to observe the world with a louche and insightful eye beneath the slow purr of ceiling fans from the corners of colonial cafes still stained with ancient tobacco smoke, political discussion and illicit liaisons. Annoyingly this is not the life of a writer.  The life of a writer is spent finding increasingly-intricate ways in which to stop checking your Amazon sales rankings and not getting into arguments on Twitter. Despite this, many people still aspire to being a writer.

I still blame JK Rowling. Since her success everyone still wants…

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12 thoughts on “What makes a writer..?

    1. Désolée pour le retard, je suis débordée de travail avec mon Master’s qui finit bientôt. Comment était mon cher Paris? La canicule nous aussi on a eu ça, on a toujours d’ailleurs – il fait trop chaud depuis trop longtemps. Et ce n’est pas une chose que j’ai l’occasion de dire souvent en Angleterre 😉
      Comment ça va? Bisous, en attendant 🙂

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      1. J’ai fini sauf pour le tout dernier projet: 15,000 mots on freedom of speech (sujet choisi par moi, bien sûr 😉)
        Ça doit être prêt pour le 3 octobre – à ce moment là, j’aurai vraiment fini.
        Bisous à toi aussi

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