32 thoughts on “Can’t live without either of them

      1. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing for Halloween actually, but I’m sure there’ll be something or other…which means a photo or 2 on here 😁
        Is that what you wanted to hear? 🤔

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  1. I’m with everyone else. You do Halloween so well I can’t wait. You turned me from a brunette fan to a blonde fan and back again lady. Btw you know only you could get away with that outfit! Remember I was thin just last year? Yep those days have gone. Glad you’re holding the line for me till my body cooperates again. Looking beautiful as ever.

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    1. Such pressure, you guys! I wasn’t aware I did “Halloween well”, I wasn’t even aware I did Halloween at all! Haha
      Candice, it’s not as if you’re not thin now. And you might have been too thin come to think of it – your health is what matters anyway.


  2. Frankly, My Dear – I can see how it would be hard not to. 😉

    Smut – now there’s a word that’s picked itself up a bit of a bad rap. Personally, i find it a much maligned word and think it is not used nearly often enough these days! 😉

    I’m generally happy enough to delve into literature, but for some weird reason i’m currently feeling more inclined to be tethered to…. something? 😉

    I’ve never been one who’s into Halloween but i see the potential for that to change this year. 🙂

    No pressure! 🙂

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