Halloween 2018 (1)


For Halloween drinks last night, 


I went as Italy,


or, as I told my lefty friends – tongue firmly in cheek – I came as Populism. 


46 thoughts on “Halloween 2018 (1)

      1. Haha! As it happens, no he’s not and yeah he was winding me up. I’m actually being forced to go to an Halloween party tonight so I’m plastered in makeup. I will most definitely not be doing anything on Wednesday now so you guys can see tonight’s pics then – I took a couple 😉

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  1. Populism?? Well,… you’d get my vote anyday! 😉

    ITALY! – I Trust And Love You! 😉

    It’s probably a good thing i was not at the drinks….

    … I find beauty in symmetry and that dangly bit on your shorts would necessitate me having to even it out. As i’d be unlikely to have a pair of scissors handy i’d probably need to take hold and pull… and pulll… and pulll….and pulll…. and who knows WHERE that would ‘end’?? >:-P

    Happy Halloween for Mercredi. 🙂

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      1. Despite my sense of symmetry may i recommend you don’t? 🙂 It adds to your uniqueness! 😉

        I think i have a very good sense of humour, most beg to differ! 😉 The term ‘weird’ is usually used in regards to it!

        Clearly, one needs to be of above average intelligence to fully appreciate it! 🙂 🙂

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