Halloween 2018 (2)


I feel slightly foolish posting this as it was a very clearly over the top “look” for last night’s party (I actually didn’t want to go to) but there are a few of my followers who insist on my Halloween pics every year – you know who you are and this is for you 😉

Happy Halloween, guys!


74 thoughts on “Halloween 2018 (2)

      1. Well, there is that as well…😂 though to be fair I’ve never overdosed on dark chocolate and it’s pretty much a miracle considering the amount I’ve ingested over the years…


      2. I’m more of a milk chocolate person, although in certain situations, I’ll gladly substitute. 🙂 The last time that I had too many sweets was when I was a child and my parents had to deal with a very hyper and young Rob.

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  1. LoL, well count me in as one of your Halloween picture worshipers. Most definitely the French Halloween look is the clear winner this year. I suspect other contestants need to bring their A game if they want to compete. This really should be an Olympic competition. 🤩

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      1. We creative types usually are perfectionists to a degree and always we are our harshest critic. But hey, when you are awesome, you just can’t hide it. 😎

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      2. I’ve followed Snoopy most of my life. When I grow up, I want to be cool like he is. Those dance moves tho. Snoopy can throw down some moves. 😎

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  2. Sorry darling,

    i’m not the one, nonetheless,

    i will truly enjoy the fact

    you took the time to put

    the costume together…

    i leave you with:

    A lighting fast blink, shy old man wink, an all the kisses of your desire,

    where ever you would

    liked placed

    without no haste….

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  3. I do not know who they are…. i will however burn a mountain of incense on an altar dedicated to their prolonged well being and eternal life in the hereafter for their influence over your better judgement! 😉

    I realise you were not to know in advance of my weakness for fishnets and scars so i will not apportion any blame towards you for the several weeks it will take before my knees regain their normal function or for my heartrate to return to sub-hummingbirdwingbeat frequency levels! 🙂

    By the way…. did i mention you look OK in the pics??? O:-)

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      1. Mon plaisir. 🙂

        Ahh – the ego. That deceptive little self creation we all need to allow us the illusion we have some sort of say in this world, some level of ‘control’ over the events that happen to us.

        What power it gives us, and how much it keeps for itself rather than letting us just ‘run free’.

        Have no fear! Should your ego ever grow too big for your boots i promise to point it out. 🙂

        I’m imagining they’re dark, suede, over-the-knee length boots over tights and shorts by the way. (Damn those Halloween pics!) 😉


      1. Haha I can’t now! I’m shameless…up to a point. I’ve just posted another selfie so I think that’s enough attention seeking and slutiness on here for one day!


      1. Of course you did! You deserve all of the adulation. We should collaborate soon, after I get to thumb through your library. White and red wine on the schedule 😊


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