Book Plug


I’ve just finished reading Pantheon by Eric Syrdal (his blog can be found Here )

I don’t do book reviews for a good reason: I’m no good at writing them. So you’ll just have to trust me when I say Pantheon is an epic, unforgettable read: it’s a novel told in free verse poetry and I could not put it down. Granted, I was already an Eric fan before picking up his book because he’s a master word weaver…but this blew me away. If you’re looking for a new book recommendation, you could do much, much worse.



18 thoughts on “Book Plug

  1. You’ve won – I’m hooked!

    That’s just exactly what i’m looking for!

    I’m sorry… lost my train of thought there for some reason??, now what were you saying…??

    Something about the Acropolis?… no – The Parthenon?? 😉 🙂

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      1. You may have been a bad girl, but you’re very good with words! (and oh-so-good with selfie’s) 😉

        I wonder why i’ve never seen the word ‘corrigible’ (nor had it applied to me) before now?? 🙂 🙂


  2. Your post today about a writing prompt resulted in this post being listed as a reading suggestion. I am shocked, shocked I tell you (in my best Claude Rains voice) that you had posted something with your photo in it, in which I did not comment. Now, the situation has been remedied. 😉

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  3. I’m new to blogging as well. Struggling with terms, posts, pages, website design, and all those other thing and terms i haven’t learned about yet!?!?!? I don’t ordinarily read novels, more auto-biographies and true history books. I like to learn about others and the stories that built our history,but I may give this book you refer to a read. I have written my own personal story about a father trying to navigate the train wreck that ran through his young family 35 years ago, the death of one of his children. One, to capture all the memories to paper, second to help my family know one of my children, and third…hopefully help other families that might be lost in their own train wreck. “A Gift…Only Borrowed” is that story.


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