Happy Ending

I dig out the old typewriter

as I want to drunk write

a crazy flamboyant story

Moulin Rouge style

only the whore doesn’t die

but lives happily ever after

having renounced her ways

stopped hawking her wares

for a handful of rose petals

a treasure chest filled with hope

wild kisses beneath a lamp post

silhouettes backlit by the storm

a canary bird waking up at dawn

twirling on its perch, notes emerge

from its tiny beak a power surge

powerful as waves on a fractured shore

there lies the beauty of being a writer

tap tap tap go the keys

you can rewrite, relive, tweak

each and every bit of the story

my whore has red stains on her cheeks

vivid colour induced by satisfied lust

I’ve taken out consumption, disease

added drama I deem alluring

it’s perfect now as it is—romantic—

tempestuous, but with a happy ending

*This was written and posted 2 years ago, but I like it enough that it’s worth reposting*

42 thoughts on “Happy Ending

      1. 😕 I’m so sorry to hear that. It sounds like things are better now though? I really hope that’s the case, if anybody deserves to be happy it’s a gentle soul like yours. I’m doing fine, thank you. Sending you lots of positive energy 💜

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      1. Well, first of all, the guy who played Percy looked similar to the actor in the Twilight vampire film, which I recall you disliked. Then there’s the corollary of a a woman in England with a passion for the literary world.

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      2. Yes! I never considered Frankenstein as a metaphor for how she experienced her life. I had always perceived the creation of Frankenstein as a sophisticated exchange of ghost stories among writers, but not the debauchery portrayed in the film. Makes me want to sip on some absinthe.

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      3. Can you imagine our introduction on our international book tour, following the novel we wrote that broke Amazon? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the fucking amazing Nathalie and Rob🥂⚡️😊


  1. So who plays the Ewan McGregor/Christian role? 😉

    Masterfully worked poem, My Dear, here’s to more Happy Endings! 🙂

    (P.S. I left my thoughts on Tom’s novel over under Unfinished Business – the sequel.)

    Be good! 😉


  2. Definitely worth a repost, this one. There is something appealing about writing drunk as well and when a whore is involved, it’s always that bit more fun!


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