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I haven’t updated my blog in ages and I feel kind of bad about that, but I’ve been incredibly busy – I might write about it soon, when I get a little bit of time to do so. In the meantime, here’s me late last night, I’d just returned from a talk in London on “Freedom of Speech” – yes, I hear you, even you at the back. You’re rolling your eyes and mumbling: “does she talk about anything else these days?!”

Fair enough, but I do actually talk about plenty of other things (oh yes, I do) It’s just that this is something that matters greatly to me and if I’ve become a bit of a free speech warrior, it’s because those types of warriors are needed at this precise moment in time. Last night, in the heart of Westminster, people from my tribe, people from all over gathered for a principle, for a basic right – one that won’t be taken away from us if we can help it.

Aaaaand I’m done – see, that wasn’t so bad 😉

66 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Indeed, it is a critical time to promote free speech. There’s so much shouting down of opinions and drowning out of voices these days. As far as my eyes, they weren’t rolling. I was just inspecting your outfit in detail. 😉

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      1. Well, I didn’t say imagination wasn’t involved in the x-ray part of my response.
        😉 I’m doing good. The days are getting longer, and warm weather is but a few months away. How about you? What have you been up to?

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      2. So you’re one of them waiting impatiently for spring…hmmm yeah I’m ok, real busy, been doing a lot of translation work for (whisper it, The Rebel Media) and others. I’m glad life is treating you well, I need to catch up with your blog!

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      3. Yes, I can’t wait until I can plant my garden again. Then there’s the poolside debauchery that I’m looking forward to as well. The Rebel Media? I’d love to read it.


      4. Sweet lord, you’re a gardener?! I had no idea! I knew about the poolside debauchery of course 😆
        Everything I’ve done so far has been classified so I’m afraid I can’t tell you anymore than that 😅

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      5. Yes, I have the sweetest tomatoes that you’ll ever taste. Yummy, in fact. Classified? Now, I’m even more intrigued. So, are you required to wear a trench coat?

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  2. I, for one am glad you are telling it like it is, people won’t be happy when they find out they can’t, and realise that you had a point. I was watching with interest that you can’t like a tweet without a call from the police. Keep fighting, my friend, I appreciate all that you do.

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      1. Honoured by your words, as always. I’m doing alright, struggling for a consistently paying job but other than that, things are positive.

        Common sense amidst the hysteria of this era of ‘horrors’. I never seem to meet these people who want to shut down free speech, which is a shame as it would be a pleasure to shut them down and then remind them of it at every opportunity.

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      1. Thank you! I’m sure you will make the day a brilliant one, albeit a Work Day!

        In Aussie slang that would be called ‘Throwing a Wobbly!”, or “Chucking a Tantie!” 🙂

        Go Crazy and do both – on a Bus perhaps?? 🙂

        Have a Good One!

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      1. Les grand-mères avaient souvent raison. 🙂
        J’espère que ça ira mieux que “faire aller”. 🙂
        Ici, quelques difficultés. La plus grande, seul le temps arrangera les choses. Et parfois le temps ne passe pas assez vite. C’est comme ça.
        Plus des petits problèmes de santé. Pas grave, mais ch… L’âge chère amie “takes its toll”.
        (Cueillez, cueillez votre jeunesse…)

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      2. Ah, je suis désolée. J’espère que le temps va ‘adoucir’ sa douleur. Il le fera certainement mais comme tu dis, le temps doit passer et oui quelquefois il ne passe pas vite. Moi, je ne peux qu’envoyer des positive vibes, mais je le fais de grand cœur 💜

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    1. Oh, I know all about it – it’s definitely right up my street 😉
      Thank you though, I appreciate the tip and you’ve clearly worked out what kind of person I am – impressive 😉


  3. First and foremost, you are a true beauty. while reading your post It gives me an imagine of your personality. By the way This is a crucial time to promote free speech more power to you!

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