It’s not often I have anything good to say about Twitter, it can be such a vicious place, especially right now as they’re cracking down on free speech. But… this isn’t going to be one of those posts!

Last night I couldn’t sleep, not one bit, not at all. Now I’m used to insomnia, I’ve always had problems sleeping but I usually manage a few hours. But last night there was nothing doing, I knew it was no use and I gave up even trying –  I was pacing up and down until morning because I couldn’t read, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything. 

Predictably, by 8 o’clock this morning I was feeling like s**t.

So I turned to Twitter and asked if anybody knew of a quick pick-me-up, because I don’t drink coffee like other mortals. And Twitter delivered, a bunch of people replied with tips and another bunch messaged me to ask if I was ok, etc…now, that – alone – was a pick-me-up. 

I had the cold shower quite a few people recommended, and you know what? It bloody works – you have to be brave though. I also made juice with everything I was told would help – all kinds of fruits – and including a big chunk of stem ginger…now I won’t say the juice tasted nice because it didn’t…but I definitely felt better afterwards. 

I then posted a selfie to Twitter: post cold shower, post juice because it was after all a Twitter result – and now it has made it on my blog too. 

It’s now afternoon and I’m having green tea and feeling sooo tired…and hoping tonight won’t be a repeat performance of last night. 

People who have no problems sleeping…you have no idea how much I envy you. 

31 thoughts on “Insomnia

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. People don’t realize how much dangerous the sleeping pills can be dangerous. I’m glad you also decided not to take any pills


  1. That’s great you had so many good replies from Twitter. I feel your pain, insomnia is physically and mentally draining, it’s like slow torture! Here’s hoping you get some sleep tonight, keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞

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  2. Cold shower will definitely get ya going! Haha I’m really trying to decrease my coffee consumption but it’s sooooo difficult for me! Where is self-discipline when ya need her! Lol😆 Hope you get better sleep tonight!

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    1. I usually end all my showers with a (short!) cold blast but this was hardcore: cold from beginning to end, and it did help!
      I know you’re a fellow insomniac – sucks, doesn’t it?


  3. Even a tired Nathalie is a beautiful Nathalie. 🙂 I have involuntary insomnia. Ever since my dog cam back from the hospital, he needs to go out about 3AM. Can you go on twitter and find out what’s good for black circles under my eyes? 😉

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  4. Je ne sais pas si on trouve ce conseil sur Twitter, mais faire l’Amour est assez efficace pour bien dormir après…
    Quant au selfie sous la douche froide, je ne l’ai malheureusement pas trouvé.
    En espérant que la nuit prochaine sera meilleure…

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    1. Oui, Twitter m’a conseillé ça aussi…et j’avais déjà essayé…ça n’a pas marché cette fois – ma tête était trop pleine de choses, de l’anxiété qui ne voulait rien entendre. Bref.
      Il n’y a (pas encore) de selfies sous la douche froide en existence 😉
      Merci, j’espère aussi pouvoir dormir ce soir. Bises 🙂


  5. Once in a while I wake up at 3 or 4, strangely alert. What I usually do is go read something (out of bed) which is complicated but also absorbing, requiring concentration and reflection. Gets me sleepy within an hour tops. But your thing sounds worse… hope you find a solution. The juices with ginger thing sounds interesting. Mostly for waking you up with a boost?

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    1. Yes, I do know there’s no use staying in bed if you can’t sleep – tossing and turning seems to make the problem worse. I usually do what you do and eventually I can go back to sleep. Only it doesn’t always work. As for the juice, yes, it was for a boost 🙂


  6. I drink coffee, but I’m a traditional Englishman in loving tea 🍵
    I’ve arrived here a little late (old habits of a former postman) but hope you managed to get some sleep last night.


  7. A cold shower? OMG. I hope by now you are sleeping well. I gave “up” on insomnia a long time ago. I take a pill, and that ‘s that. there are some Yoga relaxation techniques that help. La posture du store vénitien. Couché(e) sur le dos. Bras et jambes légèrement écartés. Puce et majeur joints. Respiration Yoga. Par le ventre. Expiration. Retenir qqs secondes. Inspiration. Retenir qqs secondes. Relacher. Se concentre sur le gros orteil gauche. Respirer. Relâcher mentalement le gros orteil. puis les autres, puis l’autre pied. Puis une jambe après l’autre tout en respirant lentement. Quand on arrive au bassin, pareil, relâcher mentalement les muscles, etc… En principe le coprs se relaxe et le sommeil vient. (avec en prime pour certains aprés qqs années un voyage astral.) Best of luck dear.


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