Walk the plank


Don’t ever be intimidated by groupthink, don’t fall for identity politics, keep resisting the bullshit…

…but if all your attempts to re-establish sanity fail, leave them to it, desert the sinking ship – and do it with honour and dignity. 

Be an authentic Corsair – walk the plank backwards while looking them in the face, so they are fully aware you’re jumping because you want to, not because they are making you.





30 thoughts on “Walk the plank

  1. As a Corsair you cut a strapping figure Nathalie!! 🙂

    If you’re walking the plank backwards then i demand the right to walk first, That way i get to enjoy the view. 😉

    Rear-Admiral Luke Bottomly at your service Ma’am! 😀

    On a (slightly) more serious note…. why would May wait until AFTER the deadline expired to talk with the leader of the ‘Opposition’ to form a fair brexit deal? Does she think Labour supporters don’t deserve or have the right to have a say in it until every other possible option fails??

    We have net the Enemy – and he is us!

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    1. You do seem to be rather obsessed with the rear view…😆

      And please don’t get me started on Theresa May….she has done EVERYTHING wrong from the beginning. She only turned to Corbyn because her own party would not support her deal and…you know what? I’m getting so pissed off all over again I’m going to leave this here (I’m sorry but this week has been too much re. Politics)

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      1. Completely understand your reaction. Completely don’t understand May (Wellll, maybe not completely don’t, just don’t want to believe our ‘leaders’ are that pathetic/useless/self-absorbed) 😦

        I would not say i was OBSESSED with your rear, not to the point of not being able to deeply appreciate all your other fine characteristic features anyway! 😉

        At the risk of setting you off again… this week one of our footballers (rugby) has proven undeniably that ‘Free Speech’ is now officially DEAD in Australia.

        You say what you believe in good faith and you lose your job/career. (Israel Folau)

        The fact that it was a declaration of his Christian beliefs in what still claims to be a country united under God in our Parliament and was not attacking any other religion, just compounds the hypocrisy of those who want to control our minds and opinions to only the ones they agree with. 😠

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      2. I read about that, it’s outrageous. Free speech might not be dead but it’s not in good shape. Is it any wonder so many people keep what they think to themselves?! And I tell you what, I’ve said it before but I’m saying it again, *this* is what is dangerous to society: when people are driven underground simply to express themselves.

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      3. Last night there was an hour long talk-back radio show on our national broadcaster, the ABC and they took calls on the issue. Not one caller was put to air who supported his right to say what he believes publically.

        I find it both upsetting and annoying that more people (among whom was a former Prime Minister of Australia!) were prepared to say on air and in public that they still supported a Cardinal convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys than would support Folau for saying what he did.

        One person’s opinion in an instagram post was considered more heinous than a senior clergymans molestation of children.

        How sick is this world becoming?


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