Midnight Remorse ~ Remord de Minuit


I get off my throne 

Take off my clothes

I keep my crown

My silver bangles

Get down on the floor


A slow

Deliberate animal

I lick my lips, shake my hair

I can see your hands tremble 

Such are our desires

An urge, intense and primal

To play predator and prey 

At times you are my slave

Others I am yours 

We revel

In filth and shame 

Games of pleasure and pain


You stand over me 

Still statue carved in stone

Silent with burning eyes


You are already mine – 


But my submission 

Its meaning 

My legendary pride 


For you, thrown aside

A queen purposefully brought low 


makes you even more so


Placing the final piece in the puzzle

So complicated and yet so simple

The contract that binds 

Is the one left unsigned

Your hand on my throat 

My fingers in your mouth 

The sharp intake of breath

I expect 

When you’re on the edge

When I know you’re close


And the days after

I will bleed into your thoughts

Seep in little by little 


The need 

To taste me again 

Takes over 


With crimson red over monochrome 


You – body, mind and soul because


Mine is the name you can’t say

I am the secret you can’t share

What should have been sunset-lit

But instead

I am your midnight remorse

Je suis ton remord de minuit 


61 thoughts on “Midnight Remorse ~ Remord de Minuit

      1. Probably not on the level of Yeats or Wilde 😉 A combination of photos and chapters will make for a very interesting song of a certain French girl living in England.

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      2. Time will tell. I’ve got a few ideas swirling right now,and when I get home, I’ll put together a chord progression to see if it fits. It may take a few weeks to write, get a few bandmates to punch in parts, but it’s going to get done.

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    Fishnets – My Kryptonite!!

    Mussst Loook A-Wayyyy Before Brain (Ugghh!) Turn To Mush.
    Beccoommme Droooling GibberingIdiot!

    (too late!) 🧠 💥 🤤 🧟

    Liked by 1 person

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