Somebody who follows me on Twitter – no idea why since they object to pretty much everything I say on there – asked me yesterday why I was always angry. Well, I’m not ALWAYS but it’s inevitable I should sometimes be in the current climate since, you know, I don’t go through life like a mindless robot.

No apologies for that.

I’m definitely too old for the number of Brainy t-shirts I own, but: I identify – I can be as annoying as he is but I’m unrepentant about using my brain.

16 thoughts on “Unrepentant

  1. Critical thinking doesn’t seem to be a priority for a lot of people. It seems few like to be challenged on their beliefs and ideas, and hate to look at other points of view, which is a shame. Personally I love it, tell me I’m wrong, support it with evidence and we can talk.

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  2. Only fools cannot be angry at the current state of affairs.
    Next in line: Boris the crook Johnson is likely to become the UK’s next Premier.
    Coming to the point Theresa May(be) will be sorely missed?
    And keep your T-shirts. They serve you well. Bon week-end.


      1. I have no clue who in the hell I follow on twitter, I use twitter once a year, so it might be me I don´t know. The name is the same as here, charlypriest


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