Slowly the sun goes down

Splashing dying embers

In her mane

Of untamed hair

With regret he pulls down the shades

To keep the scented summer

Fragrant with life


A subdued light

Tinged with tiny pools of dark


Her domain

Sleep softens her features further

He – the faithful sentinel watching over

his delicate flower –

Can’t help but fret

His chest feels tight

Aware the world

Will reach out with eager fingers

She will know hurt

He will contemplate murder

But for now the princess,

Just turned seven

Dreams still intact, untouched

Rests peacefully

He kisses her sweet cheek

Pulls back the covers

One last look, lingering, tender

For now she’s safe

Her innocence preserved

*Photograph found on Pinterest, try as I might I couldn’t find anyone to credit for it*

P.S. for whatever reason, WordPress is not letting me reply to older comments so I apologise to anyone who’s left thoughts on previous posts – I didn’t mean to ignore you, honest!

26 thoughts on “Daughter

    1. Mouillé en ce moment! On a eu de la pluie, mais de la pluie! Enfin, il faut aussi dire qu’avant ça nous avons eu la chance de voir du soleil, du vrai, et pendant pas mal de jours même! Et de ton côté? Ça va?

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      1. Du vrai et long soleil, c’est rare et précieux par là-bas. Ici ça va. Je viens de passer 6 semaines à Paris, avec toujours le mélange d’émerveillement devant la plus belle ville du monde et d´énervement devant la lente chute de ce pays dans le marasme. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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